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I have 2 large linen closets and both are a big mess. I don’t know where to begin?

Lucky you to have two large linen closets! I can imagine, though, that having two closets is twice as frustrating if they get messy and disorganized. If each linen closet holds a separate category of linens (for example, linens for certain rooms) and that works for you, then I’d suggest you tackle each closet separately. […]

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I got my house decluttered. How do I keep the clutter from coming back?

Congrats on letting go of your excess! Assuming at end of your decluttering process you were able to put everything away, then the key to maintaining your new-found order is to create new habits. Top of the list could be to put things away after you’ve finished using them. If you don’t manage to put […]

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