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Green Means Go

So, one of the tips I learned from our professional organizer friends is to use visual cues to help you organize.   Example….for kids, use photos so they can easily identify contents.  For office, label file folders and tabs certain colors so it becomes easier to recognize things you need based on first sight.  For putting things […]

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It’s…….Organization Day!!! Yea!!!

Our Organization University team recently hosted a stealth attack…..Organization Day.   Knowing that dedicating time to setting up systems and maintainence is key, we wanted to provide a time and all the tools our employees would need.  We put a company wide meeting on the calendar and once everyone showed up….surpise!!! We hired two local Professional Organization […]

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Green Office : Recycling Our Materials

This guest post was written by Pauline Petrillo who works in our Research & Development group. When you think of being environmentally friendly in the office, you think about reducing paper usage, meal supplies & scrap, saving energy and commuting for employees.   At Rubbermaid, we also have to think about how to recycle different parts […]

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Green Office : Wild About One-Note

This is a guest post by Megan Murphy, who is our brand manager for indoor home waste. In the past, I always created a 3-ring binder and printed out all sorts of information related to a new product launch.  Now, I am using One Note and I love it!  It is so easy to compile […]

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Green Tips : “BABY” Premier! Cute and Sustainable!

This guest post was written by Pauline Petrillo, who works in our R & D department I love Rubbermaid’s new .5 cup Premier food storage containers! Sure, they’re tiny and cute (and that was good enough for me).   But recently I found the perfect use for them! They are the ideal size for storing […]

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Green Office: The Mug “TurnAround”

Two years ago, I purchased a handmade coffee mug at The Festival In The Park which is a little Arts / Crafts fair in my neighborhood. I love things made by local vendors and I thought it was a beautiful piece of art that would be a nice addition to start my morning. I realized […]

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Green Organization Tip

I have been pretty good about converting to reusable shopping bags. I love my canvas ones that I take to the grocery store.  In addition to being friendlier to the environment and reducing waste, they hold more groceries, don't fall over, and allow me to take everything into the house in one trip without pinching my fingers.   […]

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Green Office : Bring Your Lunch Supplies

This guest post is written by Megan Murphy who is one of our Brand Managers. In my locker at work, I always have a food storage container and a water bottle at the ready.  Instead of using paper goods or disposable plastic I rely on using my Rubbermaid products over and over again, reducing waste. […]

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Moving – Framing Up the Situation

I love photos.  I fill my home with them because I like to remember certain special times with people.  I always tried to select my most favorite memory.  Example:  instead of having 12 different photos as a bridesmaid with friends getting married, I selected my favorite particular occasion with them. With one of my girl friends,  I picked […]

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Holy Moly…Matrimony

So, in my last post I mentioned my fiance and I are moving. We are preparing for the big move and at the same time planning a wedding the weekend before we leave.  We wanted to do it before we left the U.S. since planning a wedding from abroad would drive me nuts, but it […]

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