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I’m Moving….

 Hello friends!  I have an announcement…..I'm moving!  My fiance got a job in Switzerland so we will be packing up our house and moving across the pond.   I promise that my organization days are not over.  I have already promised Erin posts on small space living and how they organize things in Europe.  That is, […]

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Labeling Electronic Jump Drives, CDs, etc

One of my worst habits is not labeling CDs or DVDs or jump drives at work and at home.   At the time, I think I won't ever forget what the contents are and I'll get around to labeling before I do.  Inevitably, in the end, I accumulate a little pile of unknown disks and jump […]

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Organization Makeover of a Local Charity

In previous posts about Organization Bootcamp, I have talked about how we really take organization to heart in our office and how we continually education our employees on the principles of organization.  One of the other ways we bring this to life is to give local charities Organizational Makeovers.  This way, we get to 1-Help Great […]

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How my Mac helps me stay organized

I recently purchased a new Mac for home use.  It is my second Mac and being the organizing dork that I am, I am a huge fan of some of the new software features. New iPhoto has Face recognition.  So, after "training" it to recognize faces, it tags each photo with the people who are in it.  So, now […]

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Organization Bootcamp

At Rubbermaid, we really believe in order to develop products that help our consumers keep their lives in order, we have to really take organization to heart. We recently opened up Organization University, which is meant to conduct courses for our own employees to get the education on how to get and stay organized.   I […]

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Getting Ready For Tax Time

A few weeks ago, one of the Rubbermaid Personalized Organizing plan projects was to get ready for tax time. I really liked the tip to keep one tax folder for the year and everything tax-related should go into it. I also plan to keep this post-it handy to check-off as statements come in, so that […]

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Creating a Donation Station

I wanted to share with you a quick organizing tip. Spend 15 mintues creating a Donation Station.  This piece of advice is one we hear often and it stuck with me. Simply create a permanent home for donations in your house. People suggest making this a bag or cardboard box, or something that you wouldn't […]

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Vertical to do

Going Paperless with my To-Do List

As a person with a really bad memory, I have always been reliant on a list to keep track of things I have to do.    I am fascinated by how different people keep different styles of to-do lists.  Some people keep it all electronically, some on a one-sheeter, some in a daily planner and others in an […]

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3-15-2010 1-26-12 PM

Anatomy of My Home Office

I wanted to share my Home Office layout.  I love Pottery Barn furniture for the home office because it is modular and I was able to pick pieces to fit my needs.  I have had it about 6 years. Below is a diagram of how I stay organized:   1- Adjustable Shelving – helps for […]

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Recipe Organization

I love to cook.  On weeks I am not traveling, I tried up to 3-4 new recipes.   I have struggled with organization in the past of these.  Do you group by type?  Or by frequently used? At my mom's house in Virginia, she has a traditional recipe book.  Except when she uses them, they […]

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