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Small Kitchen, Big Storage

The storage space (that is too high for me to reach without a step stool) ends up getting filled with large serving bowls, small coolers, lightbulbs & utility items, vases, etc. This works out very well for me since the rest of the house has vitually NO storage space. So I guess the smallest room in the house ends up being the most space efficient!

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Festive Holiday Containers

Since mom and I live in different cities, I figured it would be okay to use her recipe to spread joy in my own neighborhood. Only I’m adding a new twist: Easy Find Lids Containers. When wrapped in pretty ribbons and bows, they make excellent “packaging” for the holidays (also check out the color of the lid). They are also reuseable – for when my neighbors are finished DEVOURING my tasty gift.

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5 Lessons Learned From a Tailgate

Usually I’m the kind of person that will just show up to your tailgate, eat your tasty food, and commend you on the lovely set-up. Recently I actually helped a friend plan and set-up a massive tailgate. Here’s what I learned:

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Which Trash Can is Right for Me?

Here’s a few tips in case anyone is in the market for an extra outdoor trash can and can’t decide on a perfect fit.

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Organization Basics

Here are 4 SIMPLE Organization rules that I like to think about before I begin organizing an area of my home.

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Sealed containers organize more than your kitchen

These see-through canisters stack very well, so a kitchen pantry is another good candidate for an organizational overhaul. I think I might try it with my cereal this weekend!

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Share Your Closet Organization Ideas!

We are looking for real organizers, like you, to tell us first hand how to tackle a closet.

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Small closet organization tips

Do you have a small bedroom/closet? How are you making your small space work for you? Rubbermaid actually makes a kit that will fit 3 ft closets! It’s the Configurations Classic Closet Kit in 3-6 ft. I was able to use the double hang feature (giving me double the hanging capacity) and utilize the the space above the rod for extra shelving.

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