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Get Hooked UP!

I love hooks A while back, I did a post about saving time in the morning, one of the comments mentioned using a hook on the back of her door… She uses it as a valet hook (the name and function of which, I just find fascinating) – staging her outfits on it, to help […]

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Organize your Office Space

So, they say that an organized workspace is a more efficient workspace. Being a designer, I used to kind of revel in my chaos. Now, however, working mostly at a desk AND at Rubbermaid made me reevaluate the error of my ways. There are lots of other smarties out there that break down the steps […]

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Clean out your Draw’s!

Working here at Rubbermaid, lots of people ask me what my favorite organization product is. My answers always vary slightly, depending on which product I'm currently using or enjoying. Today? I am TOTALLY in love with our mesh drawer organizers! As a chick, I have tons of makeup, lotions and potions to keep me looking […]

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What’s Under Your Bed?

Me? Dishes! (and probably a little dust too). So Miss Erin Gentry is our mighty blogging bigwig here at Rubbermaid. She and Lauren (also quite hip to the blog) is always up on the latest organization tip. These two often are in contact with professional organizers and pick up juicy org tips along the way.The […]

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Earth Day 2010 at Rubbermaid

  Here at Rubbermaid, this Earth Day has been really exciting! Fellow blogger Shannon Joyner is heading up a new group of people here that are passionate about the planet… We call ourselves the Green Team! Obviously, this is a big day for us, and we are celebrating in several ways: We're hosting a Chuck the […]

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Weeknight Dinners, Simplified

Everyone wants to cook fresh, healthy food for themselves and their family. Homemade food is tastier, more affordable, and better for you than going out to eat…But these days, its often difficult to balance life and get dinner on the table! Whether a working woman (or man) or a busy stay-at-home mom, things just get […]

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Stress Less + Save Time

 One of my major sources of stress is the work week morning. I never seem to be able to easily and calmly get out the door. Its a rare occasion I'm not rushing and feeling scattered. The Clutter Princess had some great advice to set everything up in the P.M.My favs from her list were: Lay […]

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Drink More Water, Save the World!

 60% of our bodies are made of water (mine must have some percentage of coffee in there…). The interwebs say you should drink about eight 8oz glasses of water a day (roughly 1.9 liters). I know I need to drink more water daily, but for some reason getting a glass out of the cabinet, filling it up […]

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Build Your Own Organization

Has anyone ever seen the site Ikea Hacker ? This shoe closet is PRETTY sweet. We've been talking about doing a shoe closet forever now (my lovely husband's idea), so imagine my shock and jealousy that not only has someone else THOUGHT about it.. but they've done it! I'm totally going to snag some of his ideas: […]

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Belt it OUT!

 This year CAN be your year of organization! Start small, I say.  Faced with craziness every time I opened this particular drawer, I decided to clean it out!  Now, I know, I know … I have enough belts to dedicate a drawer to it, you say. But don't judge! I love clothes (which also certainly […]

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