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Bloggin’ at the bistro

I don’t know about you, but I could eat out at restaurants for three squares a day, every day. Of course I can’t, but I’d love to.

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The Leftover Lion

Making dinner. As much as I love eating, it’s the last thing I want to do after the daily grind at the office, picking up the kids at daycare and the crush of traffic on the drive home.

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Jammy with Granny

Whenever we take the kids to visit their grandmother (my mom) we’re hit by the wonderful smell of strawberry jam being made (I suspect she knows we’re coming). It immediately takes me back to my childhood, and it turns out that’s why she makes it, too: it takes her back to her youth in Ireland […]

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The goods on Organic food

Sharon finds a product like Rubbermaid’s Produce Saver to be invaluable, since you can keep the fruit and vegetables fresher longer—an asset for produce that isn’t brimming with preservatives.

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Where, oh where, is the kitchen?

Okay, so I told you that we’ve recently moved into a new house, right? Well, the unpacking is going…a little slower than I thought it would. (This is my first time unpacking with kids. It’s a whole new world!) All the toys seem to have made it out of the boxes, but we still can’t […]

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A saving grace at snacktime

Okay, I thought two children were hard to handle. Imagine 65! When I dropped my kids off at daycare yesterday, I hung around a little longer than usual. It was total chaos. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a wonderful, warm place. My guilt at having to work rather than hang out with them every […]

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Super-mom to the rescue

Hello. I’m Sean, an online editor for Rubbermaid and the father of a little boy and a littler girl. I’m going to be blogging over the next few months about how real people are using Rubbermaid products at home and at work to get themselves organized.

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