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What NOT to Recycle

I never knew how much of a problem it would be if I put the wrong thing in my recycling bin.  I always figured, "hey, I'll test it out.  If the recycling guys pick it up, then I can recycle it.  If they don't take it, then I'll know for next time."  Well…I guess that's […]

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Mopping is Fun?

I took home the new Reveal spray mop last weekend to try out.  I wanted to clean up since my family was coming in to town.  Well, I didn't have a chance to actually use the mop.  My niece and nephew were fighting to take turns mopping the kitchen floor!  I've never seen anything like […]

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FastTrack – Not Just for the Garage

So, here it is – our previously disorganized laundry room (a.k.a. utility closet, first floor storage facility, and dog room.) One of the main issues with this room was that we couldn't use this really cool laundry chute.  If we used it, the clothes would drop onto this shelf and then drop into the middle […]

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Quick Tip for Freezer Organization

We were having issues finding things, especially meat, in our freezer.  We did one quick and easy thing and it has helped us easily access our frozen meats.  We placed this large Rubbermaid container in the freezer and all of our meat is placed in here.    It has really helped us quickly find and […]

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How People at Rubbermaid Recycle

So, how do people at Rubbermaid recycle?  I was curious, so I asked around. At my house, we used to put all the empty recycling items on the edge of the island as we were finished with them.  I became frustrated with the recycling clutter that continually gathered on the island in our kitchen.  It […]

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The Surprisingly Versatile Spring Bag

I am so glad that Lorie Marrero, a professional organizer, came to visit our office recently.  She gave us awesome insights on how she helps people organize.  However, the most exciting thing for me was that she told us how she uses our Spring Bag (designed for gathering outdoor leaves and yard debris).  She uses it while […]

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