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How do we store tools and bulky outdoor gear we use approx 2x per month? We have a narrow, deep closet.

When you’re storing supplies that you need to use fairly often, having easy access to them will be essential. Since your shelves are deep, you’ll probably need to store the container with your most used items toward the front of your shelf. You can use sturdy, plastic containers (remember to add labels!) to store your […]

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My very small kitchen needs help with recycling

Small spaces can sometimes be a challenge, but fortunately, there are things you can do to make these areas function the way you want  them to. One way to get the best use out of a small area is to use vertical space (stacking, adding hooks/shelves to walls and the  inside or backs of doors). That […]

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How do you store all of your odd shaped bakeware pans?

Since the holidays will be here before you know it, it’s always a great time to take stock of your baking tools and organize the lot. Baking pans are especially tricky because even though they’re light, they are not friendly stackers. Fortunately, there are so many ways to organize this delightful kitchen category. 1. Installing […]

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What is the best way to organize good china and silverware as well as paper supplies for formal dinners and casual parties?

There are a few ways you can keep both your special and casual dinnerware organized. You may want to keep paper plates and plastic utensils out of sight. The key will be to make sure that they are easily accessible when you need them. You can keep paper plates and utensils in zip top bags […]

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Use over the door garment racks in your attic

I’m moving into a rental house where I’ll be living in an attic room that has no closets and slanted ceilings. Any suggestions for storing clothes?

Congrats on your upcoming move! Since you’ll be moving into a rental, you will want to stay away from making any permanent changes. That said, hooks (installed on one of the ceiling slats or any solid wall) and valet rods can be very helpful. Also, think about using one or more garment racks (with or without casters […]

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Storage for 25 purses, want to see them at a glance for quick choosing to carry

Ahhhhh, purses. They are a joy for so many of my clients but can be a burden and just plain frustrating if the storage / display solution isn’t effective. I would first decide if you can store them in your closet or bedroom? Where do you have the most space? If you want to store […]

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How to organize kitchen cabinets.

How oh how to organize kitchen cabinets. Have plenty shelves n space but get ‘out of sorts’ keeping bowls, etc.  Organizing items in kitchen cabinets is partly simple and straight forward and then some of it is complicated and challenging even for the most organized person. Plates, bowls, cups, glasses, and mugs are all very […]

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How do I organize a reach in closet for a maried couple?

Whether you have a reach-in or a walk-in, the organizing begins with dividing the space. Once you decide if you’re splitting the space 50/50 or some other percentage ratio, you can start planning the closet. Reach-in closets are usually between  four-feet to 8-feet across. In order to make the most of this small space for two people, […]

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I have 50 or more pairs of shoes.What is the best way to store them in my closet?

Depending on the amount of closet space you have, there are a number of ways to store your shoes. But, before you begin looking for storage solutions, your first step would be to decide which ones you will: 1. Keep 2. Repair (and then keep) 3. Donate Then, your second step is to create a […]

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I have a large collection of cook books. I want to display and have these available in my kitchen any ideas?

There are many options for storing cookbooks in a kitchen, but a lot depends on your kitchen design. One of my favorite ways to create space for cookbooks is to hang a shelf above a doorway. They can be very decorative and all you need is a step stool to reach the ones you want. If […]

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