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How do I organize the area that my kids enter and exit the house?

How do I organize the area that my kids enter and exit the house (for school)? Its through the garage that opens into my kitchen! You’ve got the entry way blues.. a common ailment of parents around the world. The secret to keeping it organized is: follow the traffic pattern. Where do people naturally want to drop […]

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What is the Best Way to Store Canned Foods?

This is a great category to get organized! Not only are canned goods a bit of a challenge (it’s hard to see what you have at a glance and folks typically over buy for this exact reason). When you’re coming up with an organizing solution for your canned goods, think about how many you typically […]

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I need help organizing my 3 year old’s closet.

When organizing any closet, including one for a child, first decide what you’ll be storing (besides clothing and shoes).  Will you keep costumes and dress up clothing inside the closet? Jackets and other outerwear and accessories (scarves, gloves)? Will you keep linens and blankets on the closet shelf? Toys? What you store, how much you store, […]

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How can I store my DVDs?

There are many options for DVD storage. The first question to ask yourself is whether you want to store the DVDs in their cases or remove them from cases and store them in sleeves. If you want to store the DVDs in their original cases, your can choose storage furniture or bins. If you want to […]

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When storing things in the basement, should I go for the clear totes?

Clear totes are great for storing items in all areas of the home. They let you to see exactly what’s inside, which can be really helpful when you’re rushing around. Adding a label (even though you can see the contents) can also help on those very hectic days. Of course, if you prefer using colored […]

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What is the best way to store items in the kitchen for easy access?

When you’re figuring out where to store things in your kitchen, think about flow. You want to make it easy to prepare food and to clean up without unnecessary steps. For example, store your dishes near your dishwasher to make it easy to empty it. Store your food storage containers near where you would fill […]

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Limited drawer space in kitchen. How can each drawer store more?

Drawer space can be tricky because our go-to organizing tools that maximize space (like shelf risers and hooks) are rendered useless in this arena. I would say that adjustable drawer organizers will be your new best friend as well as open containers for corralling the small stuff. If you find that drawer dividers take up […]

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Which storage unit should I store measuring utensils and baking supplies?

I envy my friends who can bake and am always eager to enjoy the fruits of their labor. =) Baking, like many activities and hobbies, comes with supplies that need to be organized in way that you can easily access them — especially if you bake often. Here are a few ideas that might work […]

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Need help to set up a brand new walk in closet

A clean slate to work with (while fun) can also be overwhelming as the sky is the limit to what you can create! Here’s how I would tackle this project: 1. Figure out your budget for a closet system. There are plenty of options out there and here are some of my favorites to take […]

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How do I an organize an attic?

If you have an attic you can use for storage, count your blessings! What you store in your attic might be affected by how easy it is to access it. If you have a simple staircase to the attic, great. You can store out-of-season items or anything you don’t need easy access to. If getting […]

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