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How do I store yarn, fabric & art supplies but keep it easy to get to?

How you store your yarn, fabric, and other art supplies has a lot to do with how much you own. For the casual user, there are some storage systems that are very simple and attractive and even fun! When you own a lot of anything, it becomes more complicated to store and requires more categorization […]

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What is the best way to organize pots and pans?

Pots and Pans, Pots and Pans… I’m thinking most of us have enough pots and pans to  supply a small army base! We can’t possibly be expected to use all of them for one meal can we?! First hunker down and determine which pots and pans you really need to keep. Ponder the following… What is the the […]

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How do I organize towels in the laundry room – I only have one shelf?

First things first–determine how many towels you need (a family of 4 needs no more than 8-12 towels). And since you’re extra tight on space, you’ll want beach towels to pull double duty and have some act as regular towels. There are plenty of ways to fold a towel but here’s my advice: towels are […]

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How can I get my super small closet organized?

Q: I have a small room with a super small (4ft) closet! How can I get my closet organized? I have a LOT of clothes and shoes! A: Oh I wish I were there to customize your space with you! I have a few ideas for you that should get you moving in the right direction. […]

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I am re-doing my laundry room and am looking for ideas on how to get organized. Any product suggestions?

Having an organized laundry is critical when trying  to keep the laundry flowing through, and getting done. There are 7 steps to doing laundry!! And each step can cause a bottle-neck if you don’t have a space for it, or make the time. Step 1. Dirty Laundry – you will need a hamper in each […]

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My teen daughter has a VERY small bedroom and I would like to organize it for her. Any ideas?

Small bedrooms can be a challenge, but there is one thing – or maybe four – that you have on your side – walls. If you’re tight on space, use your walls to strategically mount shelving and hooks. You’ll keep the floor clear and be able to find what you’re looking for. But, wait! Walls aren’t […]

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My daughter has about 25 barbies and lots of stuff. I need a way to organize them with all the assorted shoes, etc. Any thoughts?

When thinking of storage options for your child’s Barbie collection, you’ll want to make sure you include her in the organizing process. That way, she’ll have a sense of ownership and be more likely to keep up the system. One of the most important questions to ask her is how would she like the clothes […]

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What’s the Best Way to Organize Lego Bricks?

Legos… it’s a love-hate relationship. They are such a great toy- inspiring creativity, expanding minds, building dreams but they hurt like a son-of-a-gun when you step on one bare footed or cause tears in children when they can’t find just the right piece to complete their masterpiece. Organizing the lil’ buggers isn’t as difficult as […]

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How do I Organize Family Papers?

Q: I have lots of papers in my room in a box for myself and my 3 children –  awards, taxes, receipts. I need help! What do I do? A: This is a very, very,  VERY common issue in modern households. Even in this electronic era we have more papers to organize than ever before.  […]

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What’s the best way to organize my jewelry? The jewelry box just doesn’t work–too small and I cant see my jewelry.

You’re in luck as the options are endless for displaying jewelry so that it’s accessible and easy to manage–and most solutions are budget friendly to boot. You’ll first want to ask yourself these questions to assess and determine your best storage options. How many necklaces do you have? Are they mostly delicate, mostly costume (chunky) […]

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