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How Do I Organize My 2 Car Garage?

Oh man how I love organizing a garage. It’s usually bulky stuff which makes the job go fast. Or just the opposite, you’ll find yourself needing homes for tiny bits and pieces (like tools and hardware) that are therapeutic to sort. But hopefully, there will be lots of expired and old items that you can […]

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I collect and cherish teddies and want to store them. What is the best way to store them so you can still see them?

Collections can bring great joy, especially when you can share that joy with friends and family members. Depending on the number of bears you have, you’ll need to figure out the best area of your home to keep them. I checked a few websites and found three recurring themes about storing bears: Keep them away […]

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How can I better sort laundry so that it’s not all over the floor?

I prefer a laundry basket over traditional hampers for sorting, folding and returning laundry to it’s proper home! I do however use a narrow hamper in between my washer and dryer to catch the kitchen and bath towels. If you have the room, sort as you go… place 2 hampers in each clothes closet: one for whites, one […]

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How do I store diapers, prefolds (24-15.5×17 in), and 20 covers?

Depending on your specific circumstances, I’ve listed a few ways to keep your cloth diapers organized and easily accessible. When you find the solution that works for you, be sure to come back and tell us all about it. Thanks for your question! Use a container Find a container that: You like Is big enough to fit […]

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I need help organizing my craft room! Where do I start?

The challenge with organizing a craft room is usually all the small odds and ends that need to have a home so that you can find them when you need them. I also find that one has to come up with solutions for housing odd-sized items like poster-board paper and tools. Using the organizing principle, […]

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