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What’s the Best Way to Organize Jewelry?

The thing I love about organizing jewelry is that are so many ways to store or display your collection. I’m going to share with you my top 3 ways to keep this category accessible and user friendly. 1. The easiest way I know to keep your gems in order is by repurposing small dishes and […]

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Storage! Never enough. What’s a cheap yet classy and very fuctional project (besides a bookshelf)?

I have a few tricks up my sleeve for creating more storage in a home that are bound to wow guests and make everyone in the house happy. I tend to mix these ideas up–utilizing a few of this techniques in each room and depending on your decorating style, there are endless options when utilizing […]

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How to organize an odd shaped closet?

When working with an odd-shaped closet, it’s best to get creative and try different storage techniques in order to maximize space and create order. These ideas can be translated in any space but when combined will take an odd shaped closet to organizing bliss. Oftentimes, these closets will have a sloping wall (or two) which […]

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I have an extensive magazine collection I would like to have uniform and see through storage covered containers; Please suggest the best solution.

If your magazine collection needs protection from the elements but you’d still like to see what is stored inside, opt for clear containers made out of acrylic. They’ll help show off your favorite reads while keeping the space uniform and neat. Here are my top pics for clear magazine containers; 1. Acrylic Magazine Slipcase $16.99/each. […]

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My husband is in the military and we move a lot. Any ideas on organization so we do not have to buy cardboard boxes each time?

Moving often comes with its own set of challenges–the biggest being that it’s expensive to pack up and move every year. One way to cut costs is to figure out a way to not have to buy moving boxes each time you change addresses. Here are a few ways to keep packing costs low while […]

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How do I organize photos…I have thousands!

Since you have thousands to look through, I would suggest doing a first pass with the photos which will allow you to see what categories you have (and which ones are a priority to get in order). Set aside an afternoon, pull up a favorite playlist on iTunes and get started. You’ll need some no-frills […]

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My Mom Needs Help Organizing Walk-in Pantry

A walk-in pantry (while a luxury) can quickly become a burden if it’s not run like a well-oiled machine. With so much space, all of the shelves in the walk-in can attract clutter in no time if not zoned out properly. I like to organize a walk-in pantry similar to a grocery store with each […]

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How do I organize towels in the laundry room – I only have one shelf?

First things first–determine how many towels you need (a family of 4 needs no more than 8-12 towels). And since you’re extra tight on space, you’ll want beach towels to pull double duty and have some act as regular towels. There are plenty of ways to fold a towel but here’s my advice: towels are […]

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My daughter has about 25 barbies and lots of stuff. I need a way to organize them with all the assorted shoes, etc. Any thoughts?

When thinking of storage options for your child’s Barbie collection, you’ll want to make sure you include her in the organizing process. That way, she’ll have a sense of ownership and be more likely to keep up the system. One of the most important questions to ask her is how would she like the clothes […]

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What’s the best way to organize my jewelry? The jewelry box just doesn’t work–too small and I cant see my jewelry.

You’re in luck as the options are endless for displaying jewelry so that it’s accessible and easy to manage–and most solutions are budget friendly to boot. You’ll first want to ask yourself these questions to assess and determine your best storage options. How many necklaces do you have? Are they mostly delicate, mostly costume (chunky) […]

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