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I need help organizing my 3 year old’s closet.

When organizing any closet, including one for a child, first decide what you’ll be storing (besides clothing and shoes).  Will you keep costumes and dress up clothing inside the closet? Jackets and other outerwear and accessories (scarves, gloves)? Will you keep linens and blankets on the closet shelf? Toys? What you store, how much you store, […]

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When storing things in the basement, should I go for the clear totes?

Clear totes are great for storing items in all areas of the home. They let you to see exactly what’s inside, which can be really helpful when you’re rushing around. Adding a label (even though you can see the contents) can also help on those very hectic days. Of course, if you prefer using colored […]

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Which storage unit should I store measuring utensils and baking supplies?

I envy my friends who can bake and am always eager to enjoy the fruits of their labor. =) Baking, like many activities and hobbies, comes with supplies that need to be organized in way that you can easily access them — especially if you bake often. Here are a few ideas that might work […]

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I need compact outdoor storage for a lawnmower and garden tools

If you will only be storing your lawnmower and some garden tools, Rubbermaid actually has a product that may suit your needs. The Large Vertical Storage Shed is big enough to hold a standard push mower and you can add wood shelving to store your tools (be sure to keep your tools easily accessible and […]

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I collect and cherish teddies and want to store them. What is the best way to store them so you can still see them?

Collections can bring great joy, especially when you can share that joy with friends and family members. Depending on the number of bears you have, you’ll need to figure out the best area of your home to keep them. I checked a few websites and found three recurring themes about storing bears: Keep them away […]

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Where do I store away my dirty clothes until I get around to washing them? No ugly hamper, only 6 foot closet.

Thanks for your question! Many of us do use hampers (either single- or three-compartment models) to collect our dirty clothing until laundry day. But, there are other options that can work well, too. Under the bed The space under the bed is often used for storing seasonal items. Why not use it as a spot […]

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How do you organize ribbon?

Ribbons can be used for so many crafts and, of course, come in handy when wrapping presents or tying pigtails. Depending on how you plan to use your ribbon, keep these strategies in mind: Keep them in the room that they are used most often (if possible). Group them by type (e.g., curling, Jacquard) then […]

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How do I store diapers, prefolds (24-15.5×17 in), and 20 covers?

Depending on your specific circumstances, I’ve listed a few ways to keep your cloth diapers organized and easily accessible. When you find the solution that works for you, be sure to come back and tell us all about it. Thanks for your question! Use a container Find a container that: You like Is big enough to fit […]

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What do you do if you need to organize a LOT of yarn?

When you have a large collection of yarn, think about how you want to categorize them so that they’re easier to find. To keep track of all your skeins, create an inventory either on paper or by using a spread sheet. You can also use Ravelry, a free website that lets you  track of all your […]

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How do I store 100+ medicine bottles?

Having a large number of medicine bottles can be a challenge to keep track of and to store.  Where you keep them will depend on the size of your bottles and if they need to be kept at a certain temperature.  When possible, keep them all in the same location, perhaps the place that you […]

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