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I have every craft imaginable. I purchased containers & shelves. Where and how do I start organizing?

Do you actually do every craft imaginable? Many folks get excited about a craft and buy all sorts of supplies, then find out they don’t actually have that much enthusiasm for the craft. (It’s happened to me!) If you have supplies for crafts you don’t really love, I’d recommend donating them. That will give you […]

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Tote Buddy grocery bag holder

How can I store my big pile of enviro bags?

It’s a great idea to bring your own bags to the supermarket, but storing the bags can be challenging! I recently attended the annual conference of the National Association of Professional Organizers and one of the exhibitors was Tote Buddy. They make a folder (decorative or plain) that reusable grocery bags fit into. You use […]

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How do I optimize the space in my walk-in closet?

When you’re thinking about organizing your closet, the very first thing to do is to go through your clothes and let go of any clothes you don’t love, that don’t fit, or that are stained or damaged. After you’ve pared your wardrobe down to the clothes you love and wear (and, I’d suggest, feel great […]

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What do you recommend for storing many 12″ action figures? I’m thinking something like clear stackable cubes with apothecary drawers.

I’m going to make the assumption that these are action figures that are played with, not collectible items that are still in their packaging. How you store these action figures will depend on how you’re planning to use them. Are they played with a lot? Do you need super-easy access to specific individual figures? If […]

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I clean my room everyday what can I do to stay organized?

The key to maintaining order is having great habits and routines. If you can get into the habit of putting away items when you’re through using them, or just putting stuff away before bed, then in my opinion you’re staying organized. If you don’t have a place for everything, that might be because you have […]

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I have 2 large linen closets and both are a big mess. I don’t know where to begin?

Lucky you to have two large linen closets! I can imagine, though, that having two closets is twice as frustrating if they get messy and disorganized. If each linen closet holds a separate category of linens (for example, linens for certain rooms) and that works for you, then I’d suggest you tackle each closet separately. […]

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I got my house decluttered. How do I keep the clutter from coming back?

Congrats on letting go of your excess! Assuming at end of your decluttering process you were able to put everything away, then the key to maintaining your new-found order is to create new habits. Top of the list could be to put things away after you’ve finished using them. If you don’t manage to put […]

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