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Janine's office after 30 minutes of cleaning

Letting housecleaning be easy

I’m not ashamed to admit that I hate cleaning house. As a naturally messy person, I have a fairly high tolerance for disorder and so sometimes I let things get pretty bad before I clean. And then the whole time I’m cleaning I beat myself up about letting it get so bad and the whole […]

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What’s Your Clean Cycle?

Did you know that I love to clean?  It’s one of the ways I like to de-stress and let go of all the stuff that bottles up inside of me. I like some chores more than others, like vacuuming. Dusting, not so much. And, there’s nothing like a pretty, shiny, clean sink. Who’s with me? […]

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I clean my room everyday what can I do to stay organized?

The key to maintaining order is having great habits and routines. If you can get into the habit of putting away items when you’re through using them, or just putting stuff away before bed, then in my opinion you’re staying organized. If you don’t have a place for everything, that might be because you have […]

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Show Ready in 1-2-3!

In most places these days listing your home is no easy feat.  Along with the physical burden of getting your home ready to entice potential buyers, often comes a great deal of emotional stress too- I should know, my own home is currently up for sale!  I'd like to share with you the three things […]

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Sink Cabinets Managed!

I finally realized that I needed to tackle my sink kitchen cabinet when I bought another pack of sponges because I could not find the almost full one I had under the sink. The kitchen sink cabinet has always frustrated me since it tends to be a catchall area for cleaning chemicals, cleaning rags, dusters, […]

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Check Your Pockets!

This weekend I was standing in my kitchen (next to our laundry closet), and the washer started to make funny sounds….bad sounds…..and then it stopped. Silence. I lifted the top, like I'm waiting for something to jump out, to find that it was right in the middle of the cycle where the washer was full […]

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Reveal Spray Mop – Solutions Abound

This guest post is written by Leigh Boone, a brand manager here at Rubbermaid. I hope you enjoy her Cleaning tips! The new Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop has made mopping such a quick and fun task (yes, I actually like to mop now).  I love that I can use my own cleaning solution with water […]

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Donate Local: Women Centered Art Co-Op

Recently I found out about a local organization in Charlotte that promotes a community for women artists. (Thanks for the info mom!) Being a designer myself, I was very interested! The organization is called Women Centered Art. The organization is new (just founded in 2010), but from what I've read, they have a passion for their […]

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Bottle 2

My Messy Baby – Tip 1

Last month my wife and I welcomed our first child into our lives. Along with all of our happiness, joy, and excitement, quickly came confusion. While we had the nursery set, crib in place and drawers packed to the brim with diapers, we had no idea how to take care of a newborn. Since parenthood […]

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