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Organizing my craft room

I have always been interested in crafts and projects from painting, to scrapbooking to jewelry-making.

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Our guest pro-organizer sheds light on your closet challenges

Professional organizer, Lorie Marrero, provides closet organization tips on

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Linen Closet Disaster

I’ve given up. My hallway linen closet has won the battle. I need help from a professional organizer.

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Configuration Closets for All Ages!

At Rubbermaid we’re always boasting about how the Configurations Closet System provides you with the flexibility to change your closet along with the seasons. As summer clothes give way to longer sleeves and thicker sweaters (up here in Canada anyway) a certain closet configuration that worked from May to September may no longer be optimal. By simply clicking out shelves here, adding them there and telescoping a pole, you can execute a closet makeover in minutes…for free.

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Rubbermaid Professionally Installed Closet & Garage Products

Do you want to have your closet or garage professionally designed and installed? We now offer a great tool to help you locate a Rubbermaid certified closet or garage dealer in your area.

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My Fiancée’s Beautiful New Closet

Well, my quest to organize my ‘beautiful yet messy’ fiancée’s closet with the Rubbermaid Configurations system has finally come to an end.

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Closet Design Tool – Design your Closet with our Interactive Closet Designer

Rubbermaid’s interactive closet designer lets you designed your closet online and print a shopping list.

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From Kill to Stun

Hello everyone. In case you didn’t read my last entry, I’m in the process of organizing my fiancée’s closet with the Configurations Closet system. I love her to death but she’s chronically messy and causes me endless organizational grief. I’ve dedicated my next few entries to tactics that have helped me get her Closet organized. […]

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Messy Kids Closets – Gone Forever (at least I hope)

I’ve been working at Rubbermaid for a few years now and I’ve worked on many web projects surrounding our Configurations / Homefree closet products. I knew it was a nice product and that there were lots of nice features but I never got around to installing a closet kit.

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