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Maximizing My Closet Space

I have a 4 ft closet space in my house and I wanted to maximaze the space.  I got the configurations deluxe 4-8ft closet kit and knew this would improve the space I had from a single hang wardrobe shelf.  Here's the steps I took and you can also follow these steps to help maximize […]

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Making the Most of our Laundry Closet

I dream of a laundry room or mudroom. It's on my "in my next house" list. For now my reality is a laundry closet with bifold doors. When I got my washer/dryer many years ago, I lived in an apartment that only fit a stackable set. We still have that, which saves me some space. […]

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Organizing Bonanza – Day Eight Challenge

This sweepstakes is now over. Thank you for trying to enter. To find out more ways for a chance to win during the Organizing Bonanza please visit: The correct answer to the question is "the one in and one out policy" Day eight of our ORGANIZING SPREE is all about organizing your closet! We know your closet […]

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Closets Fit For a King! (OK, maybe a small King)

A little over a year ago my wife and I purchased our first house. While we were enthralled in emotion of owning our new home, our hearts sank a little when we realized how much there was to do on our big investment. Our house was originally built in the early 70's but has been […]

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October 012

Linen Closet

According to my organizational to-do list (check out that post…its one of my best) the Fall was the time to face my linen closet. A year earlier I'd organized it with the Rubbermaid Configurations Closet line which gave me the flexibility to use the space differently in the Summer versus the Winter. The problem was […]

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October 001

My Wife’s Tidy Closet

Sometimes silence is more effective then words. In my last blog post I talked about how messiness had returned to my wife's closet despite the Configurations makeover we'd given it over a year ago.   I asked people if I should take comfort in the fact that 'at least' she could now close her door […]

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Config bracket

Configurations & Homefree Closets

Configurations and Homefree closets are the perfect answer to a cluttered closet.  With no cutting involved, installation is a breeze.  For the most part.   In working with consumers, a common question regarding these systems is bracket installation.  The closet kits offer 2 different depths of shelves,which allows for the two shelves to be overlapped […]

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Configuration Closets for All Ages!

At Rubbermaid we’re always boasting about how the Configurations Closet System provides you with the flexibility to change your closet along with the seasons. As summer clothes give way to longer sleeves and thicker sweaters (up here in Canada anyway) a certain closet configuration that worked from May to September may no longer be optimal. By simply clicking out shelves here, adding them there and telescoping a pole, you can execute a closet makeover in minutes…for free.

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My Fiancée’s Beautiful New Closet

Well, my quest to organize my ‘beautiful yet messy’ fiancée’s closet with the Rubbermaid Configurations system has finally come to an end.

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Small closet organization tips

Do you have a small bedroom/closet? How are you making your small space work for you? Rubbermaid actually makes a kit that will fit 3 ft closets! It’s the Configurations Classic Closet Kit in 3-6 ft. I was able to use the double hang feature (giving me double the hanging capacity) and utilize the the space above the rod for extra shelving.

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