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What do you do if you need to organize a LOT of yarn?

When you have a large collection of yarn, think about how you want to categorize them so that they’re easier to find. To keep track of all your skeins, create an inventory either on paper or by using a spread sheet. You can also use Ravelry, a free website that lets you  track of all your […]

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I have every craft imaginable. I purchased containers & shelves. Where and how do I start organizing?

Do you actually do every craft imaginable? Many folks get excited about a craft and buy all sorts of supplies, then find out they don’t actually have that much enthusiasm for the craft. (It’s happened to me!) If you have supplies for crafts you don’t really love, I’d recommend donating them. That will give you […]

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How do I store yarn, fabric & art supplies but keep it easy to get to?

How you store your yarn, fabric, and other art supplies has a lot to do with how much you own. For the casual user, there are some storage systems that are very simple and attractive and even fun! When you own a lot of anything, it becomes more complicated to store and requires more categorization […]

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Leftovers for all, and to all a good night!

I love Thanksgiving, but I don't manage the leftovers well. I always end up throwing food away. I had wasting food – i.e. money! (Side note: remember to always be safe when handling leftovers.) I read this tip today (from the fab Buttoned Up ladies): Ask your guests to bring 3-4 plastic containers to take leftovers […]

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Organizing my craft room

I have always been interested in crafts and projects from painting, to scrapbooking to jewelry-making.

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