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How do I Organize Family Papers?

Q: I have lots of papers in my room in a box for myself and my 3 children –  awards, taxes, receipts. I need help! What do I do? A: This is a very, very,  VERY common issue in modern households. Even in this electronic era we have more papers to organize than ever before.  […]

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Nothing but the best for my hummus!

This weekend I had to figure out what to bring to a family dinner. As I rummage through the fridge, I found a new tub of hummus. Perfect! (I already had some pita bread. Bonus!) Most of the time I would take it in the container that it comes in…because it's just family, and they […]

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Check Your Pockets!

This weekend I was standing in my kitchen (next to our laundry closet), and the washer started to make funny sounds….bad sounds…..and then it stopped. Silence. I lifted the top, like I'm waiting for something to jump out, to find that it was right in the middle of the cycle where the washer was full […]

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My Wife’s Messy Closet

What’s the difference between a strategic withdrawal and an outright surrender? More specifically, should I be happy that my wife’s mess is contained behind bi-fold closet doors or should I press on….striving for the nirvana of a reformed and cheerily organized wife? Way back in June 2008 boasted about how I’d convinced my wife to […]

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