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Glass-Dulski pic

Making Dinner Pretty Again

This guest post is from Rubbermaid Employee Lisa Dulski, VP of Human Resources. Be sure to give her a warm welcome! My family is used to being served out of pots and pans. . .and out of plastic storage containers—I mean, who wouldn’t prepare what you can ahead of time to make mealtime easier? However, […]

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This is a guest post from Rubbermaid Employee Lisa Rector who works in Channel Marketing. Be sure to give her a warm welcome! Having multiple sized glass containers available for re-heating leftovers or for serving foods sounds awesome!  There are so many uses for these containers, and I love the idea of going back to […]

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Need a boost?

I recently moved to a new desk/cube at work. It was a great opportunity to go through all of my things/files/samples/drawers and purge what I could and organize the rest. In my new space I ended up with this "slot" of space between my filing drawer and my computer tower. I hated to see the […]

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Organizing Bonanza – Day Six Challenge

This sweepstakes has ended. Thank you for trying to enter. To see a full schedule of Organizing Bonanza chances to win visit: The correct answer to the question is Rubbermaid Premier food storage containers Day six of our ORGANIZING SPREE is all about organizing your cabinets! Are your cabinets over flowing with food storage […]

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Holiday Gifting with Food Storage!

After receiving a gift last year in a food storage container, I made a note that I wanted to do that this holiday – and for other holidays like birthdays and baby showers. The food storage container becomes part of the gift (bonus!) – and you don't end up with all of those boxes that […]

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Leftovers for all, and to all a good night!

I love Thanksgiving, but I don't manage the leftovers well. I always end up throwing food away. I had wasting food – i.e. money! (Side note: remember to always be safe when handling leftovers.) I read this tip today (from the fab Buttoned Up ladies): Ask your guests to bring 3-4 plastic containers to take leftovers […]

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Car Snacking

Healthy Snacking – Part II

I had written a blog some time ago about healthy snacking at work.  My newest dilemma is snacking while at school.  Working an 8-5 job and then rushing to school afterwards (and being there until after 8 pm) makes for a long day, and a very loud, growling stomach. My school campus is filled with […]

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Weeknight Dinners, Simplified

Everyone wants to cook fresh, healthy food for themselves and their family. Homemade food is tastier, more affordable, and better for you than going out to eat…But these days, its often difficult to balance life and get dinner on the table! Whether a working woman (or man) or a busy stay-at-home mom, things just get […]

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Salad - counter

The Bottom Shelf Salad Bar

I have learned, the hard way, that veggies never last as long as I would like them to.  I also found that if I don't have them ready-to-eat they go untouched.  Actually, they go untouched until I clean my fridge and I end up having to throw away my hard-earned dollar disguised as limp, lifeless celery. As a […]

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Your Table Gourmet Runs on Rubbermaid

THIS GUEST POST WAS WRITTEN BY Andrea at Your Table Gourmet I admit it. I am a food storage snob. Had you told me a year ago I would have this attitude, I wouldn't have even believed you. Before you judge me too harshly, though, please consider that I put food storage containers through a […]

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