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“Tell me why I’m here.”

This guest post was written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider – Pensacola, Florida – “Tell me why I’m here.” That’s how I typically start off an organizing job. If we can’t define why I am here, then we don’t know where we are headed. "My husband is determined to put his new car in […]

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Road to Reorganize the Garage (Part 1)

This summer my parents relocated from a small town in southwest Michigan to Charlotte, NC. Their property up north included a 4-car garage…..which was full. Today my parents are living in much smaller house with a 1-car garage. (Eventually they will be moving again, but we are not sure when…) Downsizing from a 4-car to […]

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The Consumer Queen’s Garage – The Professional Organizer’s View

As I have mentioned before, professional organizer Melissa Smallwood of Organized Life by Design volunteered her services to help the Consumer Queen organize her garage. Now that the Consumer Queen's garage is decluttered, she was able to send Melissa her garage dimensions and a better idea of what needed to go in the space. Melissa […]

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CQ Garage Sale

Consumer Queen Garage Makeover – Getting rid of the junk

The Consumer Queen is working hard with her garage makeover. As professional organizer Melissa Smallwood advised (see this post), the Consumer Queen is starting with decluttering. She has started to go through her garage and get rid of the junk – with a garage sale. Check out her garage sale and her progress!

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6-9-2009 9-49-29 AM

Consumer Queen Garage Makeover – Step One is De-cluttering!

The first step of any organizing project (after admitting the problem exists) is to DECLUTTER! Melissa Smallwood from Organized Life By Design offered the Consumer Queen these tips for Decluttering: Problem Area:  GarageUltimate goal for space:  clean, organized storage, safe for kids to use space for games and crafts, room to park vehicle Group like […]

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6-9-2009 9-50-37 AM

The Consumer Queen’s Garage

For those of you who missed Jim Deitzel's post linking to a video of Melissa's (aka The Consumer Queen) garage, you need to go check it out. Her garage was an absolute mess (no offense Melissa!). Here are a few pictures.                          She was pleading for help from Rubbermaid to get her garage organized. This […]

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Get Organized Garage Makeover

If you remember, back in January we held the Get Organized contest.  There have been multiple posts (see links below) and many people have commented on the great results. While we were doing the garage makeover we brought in a film crew to document the process (I guess my Flip video camera wasn’t considered high […]

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The ripple effects of the Get Organized Garage Makeover

Just today I received an email from Aimee, the Rubbermaid Get Organized Contest Winner. Here's what she had to say. Jim, The Rubbermaid garage make over has made a big difference all over my house. I've sent some pictures to demonstrate. The first is me standing in my walk in closet.  Before there were two […]

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My Rubbermaid Garage Makeover (from bad to great) – Part 3 of a series

Tackling the installation – One step at a time with Rubbermaid FastTrack garage organization products.

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My Rubbermaid Garage Makeover (from bad to great) – Part 1 of a series

There’s only one stipulation. I need to use Rubbermaid products when appropriate. That shouldn’t be hard because we have hundreds of organization and storage solutions. We’ve got FastTrack garage organization products, heavy-duty shelving, totes galore, and more.

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