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Use Bento for Gifts

Here at the office there have been a lot of babies being born and people getting married. A group of us was chatting during one of these celebrations and of course unique gifts became on of the topics of conversations. My co-worker Claire had the brilliant idea below using Bento: “I have been using Bento […]

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What do I do With Unwanted Gifts?

Q: What do I do with gifts I don’t like but I don’t feel right getting rid of? Someone took the time and effort to get them for me, but I have no use for them. A: What you’re describing is a feeling of obligation. You don’t  have a sentimental attachment (happy or sad memory). […]

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Holiday Gifting with Food Storage!

After receiving a gift last year in a food storage container, I made a note that I wanted to do that this holiday – and for other holidays like birthdays and baby showers. The food storage container becomes part of the gift (bonus!) – and you don't end up with all of those boxes that […]

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Wrapping Paper Roundup

When I set out to organize our coat/game closet, it ended up [practically] forcing me into another organization project. In the coat closet, I found a couple roles of wrapping paper, leaning in the corner against my poor attempt at organizing my shoes… I set them aside as I went through the rest of the […]

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