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Empty dishwasher

The power of the morning routine

I love routines because they make tasks automatic. The more I can do automatically, without thinking, each morning, the more smoothly the day goes. The benefits are clear for the few habits I’ve strung together in my morning routine: I floss daily without even thinking about it and my dental check ups are a dream […]

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Five quick organizing projects

The autumn weather may have moved you indoors, so perhaps you have time for some quick organizing projects that will make your home a bit more pleasant. None of these should take much time, but they could have a big impact! Declutter your keys. Take a few minutes and figure out which locks any unmarked […]

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Declutter your front closet

The beginning of winter is a great time to declutter the closet where you keep your clothes and winter gear. You can make the project easy by breaking it down into steps. Work on coats first. If you can, empty the closet and take a look at each coat. Have any been outgrown? Are there […]

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Give clutter-free gifts this season

Gifts hold a lot of power over the gift recipient. As a professional organizer, I see how hard it is for my clients to give up items they don’t use or love if they were a gift. That’s why I always recommend that people give gifts that won’t become clutter. Rather than giving objects to […]

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Organize your gift wrap

Making your gifts beautiful can be a fun part of gift-giving. There are so many beautiful gift wraps, bags and ribbons available that it’s easy to buy a lot. And then storing them can get tricky. The large rolls of wrap, in particular, can be easily damaged and take up a lot of space. There […]

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My de-junked and organized junk drawer

De-junk your junk drawer!

Personally, I don’t have anything against junk drawers. In my mind, it’s okay to have a drawer whose contents don’t fit into a clear category, as long as you know what you’re storing in it and can easily access the stuff. However, if you never de-junk your junk drawer, it’s hard to know what you’re […]

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Handling the influx of kids’ artwork

In the U.S., the beginning of the school year is just around the corner. For many parents, that means an influx of artwork from their young artistes. It can be challenging to figure out what to keep and how to keep it. Here are some things to keep in mind: The fewer items you keep, […]

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Finishing up your summertime to-do list

If you’re like a lot of people, you had big plans at the beginning of summer for getting things done around the house. We’re staring down the end of summer…how’s that list progressing? If you find you haven’t checked off as many items as you’d like, don’t lose hope. Here are some ideas for getting […]

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Using technology to help you stay organized on vacation

It’s never been easier to stay organized and travel light while vacationing. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, with just a little advance planning, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips–without lugging along guide books or a laptop. Here are some ways you can use your smartphone or tablet to help you […]

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Five strategies for avoid overpacking

With the checked baggage fees imposed by most airlines (particularly if your bag is over the weight limit!) it pays to pack light. Here are some strategies to keep from packing more than you need. Plan what you’ll wear. Get away from the idea that you’ll want to be able to indulge your every sartorial […]

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