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Kitchen Cabinets: Paint by Number (kind of)

Even though our kitchen cabinets were in decent shape, we wanted to change the color. Here is the "before" shot:   We were not going to spend the money to buy new cabinets, so our options were painting or staining. Although our original plan was to stain the cabinets darker, we quickly changed our plan […]

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My Messy Baby – Tip 1

Last month my wife and I welcomed our first child into our lives. Along with all of our happiness, joy, and excitement, quickly came confusion. While we had the nursery set, crib in place and drawers packed to the brim with diapers, we had no idea how to take care of a newborn. Since parenthood […]

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Pantry Sorrows – Part One

I really like where I live. The only thing that consistently drives me crazy is – THE PANTRY! My roommates and I have a small kitchen but the pantry is actually a pretty good size. There's just some things that need to change. 1. The shelving is ridiculous! Things keep falling through the wires and […]

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Kitchen Cabinet Clutter – Organizing the mess under my counter

I Organized the kitchen cabinet clutter under my counter in only 60 minutes.

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Kitchen Cupboard Organization

Rubbermaid turntables solve kitchen cupboard organizational challenges.

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Organizing the Pantry

Organizing my Kitchen pantry organization with Rubbermaid products

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Food Storage Drawer – Before & After

How to organize your food storage containers. Before and after photos.

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Organize your Kitchen

The kitchen is the busiest room in the house, and often the most cluttered. Here are ideas for “top to bottom” organization using storage accessories to maximize space.

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