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What is the best way to organize good china and silverware as well as paper supplies for formal dinners and casual parties?

There are a few ways you can keep both your special and casual dinnerware organized. You may want to keep paper plates and plastic utensils out of sight. The key will be to make sure that they are easily accessible when you need them. You can keep paper plates and utensils in zip top bags […]

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Organizing Baking Supplies and Snacks

This post was written by Rubbermaid employee Katie Abbott. It was time to switch it up – as in, a cabinet switch.  The cabinet above our fridge houses what I like to call our “odds and ends”: mixing bowls, rarely-used martini glasses, and little dishes I put out for snacks when our friends come over.  […]

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An old-house kitchen cabinet keeps everything organized

My favorite spaces in my old home

One of the areas in my home that I love is the bathroom closet. My home was built in 1908, at a time when closets didn’t seem to be much of a priority. But each of our bathrooms has a fairly large closet, which we use to store towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. One of […]

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Rubbermaid Pan Organizer

What is the best way to store items in the kitchen for easy access?

When you’re figuring out where to store things in your kitchen, think about flow. You want to make it easy to prepare food and to clean up without unnecessary steps. For example, store your dishes near your dishwasher to make it easy to empty it. Store your food storage containers near where you would fill […]

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Which storage unit should I store measuring utensils and baking supplies?

I envy my friends who can bake and am always eager to enjoy the fruits of their labor. =) Baking, like many activities and hobbies, comes with supplies that need to be organized in way that you can easily access them — especially if you bake often. Here are a few ideas that might work […]

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Can you give me advice on the most efficient way to organize my kitchen?

Setting up the kitchen for organized success is key to making any house run smooth and efficient. Here are my top tips for setting up this multi-purpose room for any home. 1. Purge the big ticket items you don’t use–you know, the ones on the countertop or those found in the deep recesses of your […]

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I need a wall rack for rolls of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc…

I think this is THE most clever way to store plastic wraps and aluminum foil containers! This drawer  can be attached to either a wood or wire shelf and comes in two sizes.   Most people are compelled to store plastic baggies with the wraps, but you don’t have to. In fact they are used quite […]

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Food storage containers with lids on

Keep your lids on! Storing your food storage containers

One of the smartest organizational changes I made in my pantry was to start storing my food-storage containers with the lids on the containers. It wasn’t my idea. In fact, I resisted it when my friend, a fellow professional organizer with whom I occasionally swap services, suggested it. I was sure I it would take […]

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What is the best way to organize pots and pans?

Pots and Pans, Pots and Pans… I’m thinking most of us have enough pots and pans to  supply a small army base! We can’t possibly be expected to use all of them for one meal can we?! First hunker down and determine which pots and pans you really need to keep. Ponder the following… What is the the […]

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Fridge Needing a Makeover

4 Steps to an Organized Fridge

This post is written by certified professional organizer Tiffany Engler. Is your refridgerator looking a little scary? Spending time on organizing your fridge may save you money. You will be less likely to buy something you already have andyou may go out to eat less because you can actually find something to eat. Here is […]

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