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How can I make a shared room work for my 5 and 2 year old?

My kidlets, one boy and one girl, share a bathroom but not a bedroom… so I took this question to my  “organized facebook fans” and they had some great ideas for you! 1. Create Routines… Put the youngest child to bed first so as not to disrupt the older child.  If they like to read in […]

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I need a wall rack for rolls of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, etc…

I think this is THE most clever way to store plastic wraps and aluminum foil containers! This drawer  can be attached to either a wood or wire shelf and comes in two sizes.   Most people are compelled to store plastic baggies with the wraps, but you don’t have to. In fact they are used quite […]

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5 Kids and Minimum Space… How do I best organize their clothes?

Organizing kid’s clothes is a never-ending project! As soon as they grow an inch you have to start over… and with 5 kids, you’re going to be one busy mama! Here are a few ideas for getting and keeping their clothes organized within your tight quarters! First assess what storage you already have and what works […]

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How can I better sort laundry so that it’s not all over the floor?

I prefer a laundry basket over traditional hampers for sorting, folding and returning laundry to it’s proper home! I do however use a narrow hamper in between my washer and dryer to catch the kitchen and bath towels. If you have the room, sort as you go… place 2 hampers in each clothes closet: one for whites, one […]

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What is the best way to organize pots and pans?

Pots and Pans, Pots and Pans… I’m thinking most of us have enough pots and pans to  supply a small army base! We can’t possibly be expected to use all of them for one meal can we?! First hunker down and determine which pots and pans you really need to keep. Ponder the following… What is the the […]

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How can I store my DVD movies in an eye pleasing way? I want a top on them to prevent dust build up.

Media Storage… Function easily meets Fabulous with Rubbermaid’s Bento! The large size works perfectly for DVD’s and the internal flex dividers help organize them by type… kid’s movies on one side, grown-ups on the other, drama/comedy etc. I love that the Bento is covered in a great fabric making it fabulous enough to keep out . Plus the […]

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What’s the Best Way to Organize Lego Bricks?

Legos… it’s a love-hate relationship. They are such a great toy- inspiring creativity, expanding minds, building dreams but they hurt like a son-of-a-gun when you step on one bare footed or cause tears in children when they can’t find just the right piece to complete their masterpiece. Organizing the lil’ buggers isn’t as difficult as […]

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Paper everywhere! How to organize what to keep. Mail, receipts, paperwork, etc.

First, take a deep breath, look at your mail pile and holler and I mean HOLLAH a good “You don’t control me. I control you!” This project may just change your life… ok that’s going a bit far, but once you get the paper under control with a system that works for you, you can maintain […]

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What is the best way to organize big and bulky items? My son loves GeoTrax, but store them discretely is very tough!

For this type of toy, I’m a big fan of clear storage bins like these from Rubbermaid. Here’s why… Kids love to dig around and find just the right piece for their creation. It’s important for the bin not to be too deep otherwise the individual pieces are difficult to find.  I suggest finding the […]

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I have adult ADD, any suggestions to help me stay organized without feeling overwhelmed?

Staying organized means you need to constantly put things back in their organized spot. I do however wish it magically stayed organized all by itself! I suggest implementing a “5 minute pick up-clean up”.  It’s as easy as setting the timer and putting things away. It works great with the entire household. When I do […]

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