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Where do I store away my dirty clothes until I get around to washing them? No ugly hamper, only 6 foot closet.

Thanks for your question! Many of us do use hampers (either single- or three-compartment models) to collect our dirty clothing until laundry day. But, there are other options that can work well, too. Under the bed The space under the bed is often used for storing seasonal items. Why not use it as a spot […]

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How can I better sort laundry so that it’s not all over the floor?

I prefer a laundry basket over traditional hampers for sorting, folding and returning laundry to it’s proper home! I do however use a narrow hamper in between my washer and dryer to catch the kitchen and bath towels. If you have the room, sort as you go… place 2 hampers in each clothes closet: one for whites, one […]

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I am re-doing my laundry room and am looking for ideas on how to get organized. Any product suggestions?

Having an organized laundry is critical when trying  to keep the laundry flowing through, and getting done. There are 7 steps to doing laundry!! And each step can cause a bottle-neck if you don’t have a space for it, or make the time. Step 1. Dirty Laundry – you will need a hamper in each […]

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Laundry Room - Junk Draws 007

Organizing the Laundry Room

For months now I've been wanting my husband to help me straighten out the Laundry Room.  He has a lot of things in there that either needed to be tossed or could go into our newly organized shed.  He kept saying we'll get to it…blah, blah, blah.  So I decided last Saturday that if he […]

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Laundry Closet & Washer!

I decided to organize my laundry room.  My main focus was the closet in my laundry room which also becomes a "utility room for supplies" for my home.  I hadn't looked at this closet since we moved in over 6 years ago, so it was definitely time for this project too!  Well, not only did […]

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Making the Most of our Laundry Closet

I dream of a laundry room or mudroom. It's on my "in my next house" list. For now my reality is a laundry closet with bifold doors. When I got my washer/dryer many years ago, I lived in an apartment that only fit a stackable set. We still have that, which saves me some space. […]

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Check Your Pockets!

This weekend I was standing in my kitchen (next to our laundry closet), and the washer started to make funny sounds….bad sounds…..and then it stopped. Silence. I lifted the top, like I'm waiting for something to jump out, to find that it was right in the middle of the cycle where the washer was full […]

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