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Samaritan House Basement Makeover

We take this months’ adventure out of the home to Samaritan House. Samaritan House provides recuperative care to the homeless who are just out of the hospital. The home that was donated for the shelter is very old and with limited storage space.

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Randi’s Closet Makeover – The Happy Ending – Part Three

The first thing we did to re-do the closet was to install Rubbermaid Configurations / Homefree closet system.  This is the same system I have in my house and I really love it for its versatility to be able to maximize vertical space in the closet as well as its ease of installation (no cutting […]

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Randi’s Closet Makeover – Part Two

On New Years Eve, Randi and I tackled the Great Closet Organization Project. We took Julie’s advice she gave on my last blog and went through everything to make sure it was really needed. Using Rubbermaid totes, Randi and I sorted and had her sort everything in the closet into 4 piles: Donate Mend or […]

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Randi’s Closet Makeover – The Before

So, with my OCD organization tendencies, I find my friend Randi’s closet slightly scary.  I am going to give her an Extreme Rubbermaid Closet Makeover in the next few weeks, and would love your advice on what we should do with the space. Here is the info: Her closet is about 8-10’ long and about […]

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Out of Site. Out of Mind. Garage Makeover Result

Garage makeover winner gets their garage organized using Rubbermaid FastTrack products.

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Linen Closet Disaster

I’ve given up. My hallway linen closet has won the battle. I need help from a professional organizer.

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Out of Site. Out of Mind.

We asked employees to send in pictures of their “messy” garage and tell us why they needed a makeover with the Rubbermaid FastTrack® product line. The winner would receive free; design consultation, product and installation from their friendly Canadian marketing department.

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My Rubbermaid Garage Makeover (from bad to great) – Part 5 of 5

Garage makeover with Rubbermaid FastTrack garage organization products

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My Rubbermaid Garage Makeover (from bad to great) – Part 4 of a series

With one corner of my garage organized, it was now time to install the Rubbermaid FastTrack garage organization system on one of the two walls remaining to be organized.

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My Rubbermaid Garage Makeover (from bad to great) – Part 2 of a series

I already knew that I was going to utilize the Rubbermaid FastTrack garage organization system, new steel-reinforced 1,000 lbs shelves and a variety of totes and storage bins.

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