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My husband is in the military and we move a lot. Any ideas on organization so we do not have to buy cardboard boxes each time?

Moving often comes with its own set of challenges–the biggest being that it’s expensive to pack up and move every year. One way to cut costs is to figure out a way to not have to buy moving boxes each time you change addresses. Here are a few ways to keep packing costs low while […]

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Green Means Go

So, one of the tips I learned from our professional organizer friends is to use visual cues to help you organize.   Example….for kids, use photos so they can easily identify contents.  For office, label file folders and tabs certain colors so it becomes easier to recognize things you need based on first sight.  For putting things […]

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Show Ready in 1-2-3!

In most places these days listing your home is no easy feat.  Along with the physical burden of getting your home ready to entice potential buyers, often comes a great deal of emotional stress too- I should know, my own home is currently up for sale!  I'd like to share with you the three things […]

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Ditch the Dumpster – Bravo ASU!

Do you remember how much trash there was when you moved in/out from college? How crazy, overflowingly full the dumpsters were? I follow a blog from the website Earth911, and I was happy to find this story about Arizona State University and a program they have in place as students start to move out for the […]

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Moving – Framing Up the Situation

I love photos.  I fill my home with them because I like to remember certain special times with people.  I always tried to select my most favorite memory.  Example:  instead of having 12 different photos as a bridesmaid with friends getting married, I selected my favorite particular occasion with them. With one of my girl friends,  I picked […]

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I’m Moving….

 Hello friends!  I have an announcement…..I'm moving!  My fiance got a job in Switzerland so we will be packing up our house and moving across the pond.   I promise that my organization days are not over.  I have already promised Erin posts on small space living and how they organize things in Europe.  That is, […]

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Organizing Bonanza – Day Nine Challenge

This sweepstakes is now over. Thank you for trying to enter. To view more chances to win, please visit The answer to the question is "Grouping items according to use" Day nine of our ORGANIZING SPREE is all about moving! Whether it is packing up your old home or settling into your new one, Rubbermaid […]

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I Moved – AGAIN

Yes, it is true. I moved again into an apartment with a lease for a year AND I'M STAYING – at least for a while. For those of you who do not know, this was my third move in a year – yes ONE year – and yes it was STRESSFUL! This move was bigger […]

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Moving Advice

I HATE moving. And I have had to do it a lot lately with almost no end in sight. Plus, it is not just me moving in and out of apartments, but my parents moving to different states. Needless to say I am amazed that I am able to find any of my things any […]

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Real life moving tips

Moving and packing tips using Rubbermaid storage totes

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