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How can I organize the piles and piles of paper in my office?

Keeping your papers organized can sometimes be a challenge. Before attempting to put the papers away, you’ll first need to figure what types of documents you have and put them in categories. So, you might have business papers (like taxes, policies, client information) and personal papers (like home repair/maintenance, insurance, appliances). Once you have you […]

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Bento Brainstorming On The Move Container

Office Supplies On The Move

A couple weeks ago, while I was drowning in email, I hear an excited “Erin!” I look up to see an ecstatic, proud Joyce. “I have to show you something,” she said while setting a container down on my desk. I sighed internally. Seriously, she had a box… But then she took off the top… […]

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Paper everywhere! How to organize what to keep. Mail, receipts, paperwork, etc.

First, take a deep breath, look at your mail pile and holler and I mean HOLLAH a good “You don’t control me. I control you!” This project may just change your life… ok that’s going a bit far, but once you get the paper under control with a system that works for you, you can maintain […]

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Desk Decluttering

 One of the organizational challenges many people face in the workplace are the piles of papers that end up overtaking their (physical) desktop- this is especially true for me as a teacher.  To tackle this problem and free up some of that valuable workspace, I grabbed an inexpensive file box and some hanging folders.  Using my […]

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Re-Organizing My Office Files

I decided yesterday afternoon (after searching for a piece of information for 7 minutes in my hanging files) that it was time to re-organize my files.  It has been two years since I started here at Rubbermaid and my responsibilities and job has changed and grown during that time. How I use to think and […]

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3-15-2010 1-26-12 PM

Anatomy of My Home Office

I wanted to share my Home Office layout.  I love Pottery Barn furniture for the home office because it is modular and I was able to pick pieces to fit my needs.  I have had it about 6 years. Below is a diagram of how I stay organized:   1- Adjustable Shelving – helps for […]

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Organize your Office Space

So, they say that an organized workspace is a more efficient workspace. Being a designer, I used to kind of revel in my chaos. Now, however, working mostly at a desk AND at Rubbermaid made me reevaluate the error of my ways. There are lots of other smarties out there that break down the steps […]

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2010 blog 001

Office Organization

Sticking with my organizational list to-do list….January was time to tackle the office. Our filing cabinet had become so full that we couldn't even slide the file folders. Putting things away had become a hassle and taking things out was even worse. We had way too much stuff in way too many folders. And so, […]

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How Rubbermaid Organizes Around the Office

Jim had done a post awhile back on how the graphic design guys in our office use FastTrack to organize their desk spaces.   I thought it might be neat to share a few other photos from our office and how we use both our own products and other great products to keep our spaces […]

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