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Totally FREE Closet Makeover

I hear a lot of comments through our FaceBook page and Twitter account about people complaining that they cannot organize because it costs money. And while we do sell some pretty awesome organizing products, organizing doesn't always have to involve purchasing things. Don't believe me? Well, here is my closet makeover I did purchasing ABSOLUTELY […]

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Green that works for me: My scrap paper stash

Being a graphic designer, I admittedly [and unfortunately] use a lot of paper. I try to only print when I need to and use both sides of pieces when I can. One thing that has helped me do this is my scrap paper stash. It started as a small pile under my monitor, but now […]

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Reusable cups save some bucks

One [simple] green thing that some places are doing that spreads their brand name and saves consumers money is offering incentives for reusable cups. Zoe's Kitchen is a case in point. They offer branded reusable/travel cups for purchase (= distributing brand material that communicates their value in green initiatives), and when you bring it back […]

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Moving – Framing Up the Situation

I love photos.  I fill my home with them because I like to remember certain special times with people.  I always tried to select my most favorite memory.  Example:  instead of having 12 different photos as a bridesmaid with friends getting married, I selected my favorite particular occasion with them. With one of my girl friends,  I picked […]

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This is a guest post from Rubbermaid Employee Lisa Rector who works in Channel Marketing. Be sure to give her a warm welcome! Having multiple sized glass containers available for re-heating leftovers or for serving foods sounds awesome!  There are so many uses for these containers, and I love the idea of going back to […]

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Holy Moly…Matrimony

So, in my last post I mentioned my fiance and I are moving. We are preparing for the big move and at the same time planning a wedding the weekend before we leave.  We wanted to do it before we left the U.S. since planning a wedding from abroad would drive me nuts, but it […]

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Nothing but the best for my hummus!

This weekend I had to figure out what to bring to a family dinner. As I rummage through the fridge, I found a new tub of hummus. Perfect! (I already had some pita bread. Bonus!) Most of the time I would take it in the container that it comes in…because it's just family, and they […]

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My incognito bag stash (a.k.a my footrest!)

As you might have seen, I have another stash at my desk – that post here. This bag stash is a little more incognito. When I moved to a new cube, I realized that I was using a step stool for my footrest that actually belonged to someone else who was letting me borrow it […]

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Need a boost?

I recently moved to a new desk/cube at work. It was a great opportunity to go through all of my things/files/samples/drawers and purge what I could and organize the rest. In my new space I ended up with this "slot" of space between my filing drawer and my computer tower. I hated to see the […]

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Discovery Place KIDS Stays Tidy with Rubbermaid

This is a guest post from Debbie Curry, Director, Discovery Place KIDS. Thanks so much Debbie for sharing how our products help you out! We love volunteering at the Discovery Place KIDS and are so glad however/whenever we can help out. Be sure to give Debbie lots of love.  As anyone with children will attest, having […]

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