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Cleaning supply caddy

Organize those cleaning supplies!

It’s spring cleaning time for many of us. If you have an overabundance of supplies spread around your house, consider these ideas for organizing and simplifying. Gather up your supplies. Bring together all your cleaning supplies from their various storage spots and take stock. Pluck out the ones you rarely use. (I think we all […]

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Organize Your Winter Gear at the Entryway

One of the nice things about the changing of the seasons is that you get to wear new gear. With the weather getting colder as each day passes by, it’ll soon be time to start wearing your favorite coats, boots, hats, scarves, and gloves on a regular basis. Before you designate a storage space or […]

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We are What We Live In: Get Organized, Get Happy!

This post is written by Chicago Professional Organizer Pooja Gugnani, founder and owner of Organizing With You. While it may not be a formal medical diagnosis, it is a well-accepted fact that there is a direct correlation between organization and our mental well being.  How much effect does clutter have on our lives? The answer […]

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Basement Final

8 Things to do Right Away for an Organized Basement

This post is written by certified professional organizer Tiffany Engler. Put a box (or 2) in the basement that say’s “Donate.”  And everyday put at least 5 things in those boxes.  If you have stuff on the floor – focus on the floor first, shelves second. Find another 5 things each week that someone else […]

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Sail Boat

Organization Leads to Smooth Sailing

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of Summertime on the boat may be a time to relax but you never want to relax about safety. I’ve been organizing for nearly ten years but only sailing for a year or so. Certification lessons at the […]

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Mary Dykstra, Professional Organizer, Thoughts on Bento

Mary from Within Reach Organizing Services was so full of ideas about how to use Bento, Rubbermaid’s new storage container with Flex Dividers, at the NAPO conference that she filmed two videos! You can see her first video here. Below is her second video that contains some more great used for Bento! If you live […]

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Q&A with Pooja Gugnani – Professional Organizer

Pooja Gugnani, Professional Organizer – Chicago, Illinois – 1) How long have you been a professional organizer?For as long as I can remember would be my answer. I organized informally for family, friends, neighbors, professors etc., for many years before I discovered that an actual profession exists around this.  I was so excited and […]

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Q&A with Debbie Rosemont – Certified Professional Organizer®

Debbie Rosemont, CPO® – Sammamish, Washington – 1) How long have you been a professional organizer?I have been a Professional Organizer since 2003 when I founded my business, Simply Placed  2) What inspired you to become a CPO®?My passion for helping people and understanding the thought processes behind their habits and actions began years […]

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Creating An Outdoor Closet

Monthly, I volunteer at a local homeless shelter (Samaritan House) in Charlotte which provides care for homeless guests who are recovering from a hospital stay.   As you know from previous posts on their dining room and basement, this program is located in an older home which causes lots of storage and organization issues.  Recently, when […]

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Stress Less + Save Time

 One of my major sources of stress is the work week morning. I never seem to be able to easily and calmly get out the door. Its a rare occasion I'm not rushing and feeling scattered. The Clutter Princess had some great advice to set everything up in the P.M.My favs from her list were: Lay […]

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