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How can I organize my 4yr olds toys that isn’t tacky and won’t stick out like a sore thumb like most toy organization systems do?

Your challenge is to find containers that go with your sense of style.There are many ways to use ordinary living room and den furniture to store toys. You can hide toys in end tables with drawers, coffee tables with pull out baskets or drawers, and ottomans with removable lids.     You can put children’s toy […]

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Toys, Bows and Legos – Oh My! Kid Organizing Tips

I recently asked our fans on Facebook (you should become a fan too!) what areas of the home they find difficult to organize. I was not surprised to see toys, kid’s rooms, playrooms and kids’ hair accessories mentioned. It is a common frustration that we hear. So I asked some of the Moms and Dads […]

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What is the best way to organize and store toys?

Toys can take over every room in the house so finding the right solutions is key to keeping an organized home. Keep in mind that no matter what storage container you use, always, always, label! Here are a few things to consider: Group all similar toys together (e.g., all duplos together, all small legos together, […]

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My daughter has about 25 barbies and lots of stuff. I need a way to organize them with all the assorted shoes, etc. Any thoughts?

When thinking of storage options for your child’s Barbie collection, you’ll want to make sure you include her in the organizing process. That way, she’ll have a sense of ownership and be more likely to keep up the system. One of the most important questions to ask her is how would she like the clothes […]

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What is the best way to organize big and bulky items? My son loves GeoTrax, but store them discretely is very tough!

For this type of toy, I’m a big fan of clear storage bins like these from Rubbermaid. Here’s why… Kids love to dig around and find just the right piece for their creation. It’s important for the bin not to be too deep otherwise the individual pieces are difficult to find.  I suggest finding the […]

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What do you recommend for storing many 12″ action figures? I’m thinking something like clear stackable cubes with apothecary drawers.

I’m going to make the assumption that these are action figures that are played with, not collectible items that are still in their packaging. How you store these action figures will depend on how you’re planning to use them. Are they played with a lot? Do you need super-easy access to specific individual figures? If […]

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