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Junk Drawers – The Finished Project

I finally took some time this weekend to organize my version of a junk drawer. I filmed the results so you could see what I did! Now I just have to get in the habit so keeping these containers organized!

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Organizing your Dishwasher – Time Saving Tip

For the past week I have been trying this tip I found at 5 Dollar Dinners – and it REALLY WORKS! It works for me because it is simple and quick. When loading your dishwasher, put all like silverware in the same compartment. Knives go in one compartment, forks in another, and so on. It […]

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Junk Drawers – Organizing, Categorizing, and Separating

I finally found sometime this weekend to begin tackling my "junk drawers." I decided to do some research beyond the AWESOME comments that my other post left to find out just where to start. I stumbled on Christine Kane's blog post about what your junk drawer can teach you about success. This post made me […]

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Samaritan House Makeover – Step 1

You may remember an older post of mine about helping out with Samaritan House's basement where I sometimes volunteer.   Samaritan house is a homeless shelter that allows guests to recover from hospital stays.   The home was donated but is a bit older so storage space is definitely at a minimum throughout the house so the basement tends to get the […]

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Q&A with a Professional Organizer – Monica Ricci

Rubbermaid interviews Certified Professional Organizer Monica Ricci.

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Helpful Blogs & Websites for Getting Organized

A list of blogs that aid in getting organized.

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An Organized Pantry – It wasn’t so hard

I don’t know if you remember but back on September 24 I wrote a post about how I needed to organize my pantry. Well, time flies. It took nearly 2 months to get around to starting the project but I finally found some time and it’s now complete.

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