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What is my best solution for organizing snacks, cereals, etc. inside a kitchen cabinet? We have several different shape bags of individual snacks and treats

Three words: Measure, measure measure. No pantry shelf is the same—even some of your pantry shelves could be varying lengths and depths. Before going out and purchasing containers that don’t fit the space, measure your pantry. You’ll next want to count the types of snacks, cereals and other items you typically keep on stock (you […]

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This is a guest post from Rubbermaid Employee Lisa Rector who works in Channel Marketing. Be sure to give her a warm welcome! Having multiple sized glass containers available for re-heating leftovers or for serving foods sounds awesome!  There are so many uses for these containers, and I love the idea of going back to […]

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Day 6 Andrea

FaceBook Photo Contest Day 7

I am happy to announce that Andrea is the winner of the Organizing Bonanza Day 7 FaceBook Photo Contest. She uploaded a photo of the messiest area of her kitchen! Professional Organizer Yvette Clay was the judge and she gladly shared some advice on how Andrea (and you!) can organize your pantry! Here is Andrea's Photo: Here is the advice Yvette […]

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Day 6 Colleen

FaceBook Photo Contest Day 6

I am happy to announce that Collene is the winner of the Organizing Bonanza Day 5 FaceBook Photo Contest. She uploaded a photo of the messiest area of her kitchen! Professional Organizer Deb Lee was the judge and she gladly shared some advice on how Collene (and you!) can organizing that trouble spot in your kitchen! Here is Collene's Photo: […]

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Shoe Holder = Organized Bags!

I saw this tip online, and I just love it: using a clear, over-the-door plastic shoe holder for reuseable bags. (We also use a few cubbies for sunscreen and Brita filter refils). It works awesome! You can find them at a lot of stores or online. (I found one at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $15, […]

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Recipe to Remove Small Kitchen Frustrations

This post was generously written by professional organizer Lea Schneider owner of Organize Right Now, LLC. Lea works in Pensecola, Fl and writes a fabulous blog. Feel free to reach out to her if you could use some help organizing! It was a recipe for frustration. Take four children under the age of six; add […]

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Pantry for One, Anyone?

I recently wrote a guest post for However, it was so great I decided to post it here also. AND GUESS WHAT? The post was so great I was invited to their radio show Foodie Fridays on Friday May 14th at 7 pm EST. So join in 🙂 For while now I have been […]

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Pantry Sorrows – Part One

I really like where I live. The only thing that consistently drives me crazy is – THE PANTRY! My roommates and I have a small kitchen but the pantry is actually a pretty good size. There's just some things that need to change. 1. The shelving is ridiculous! Things keep falling through the wires and […]

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Pantry Organization – Label It & Stay Organized

Keep your pantry organized by using a label maker to label your canisters

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Labels are your best friend when organizing

A few weekends ago I completed my pantry organization project. If you read the post you’ll see I was very satisfied with the results. My pantry was 300% better than it was before. However I made a mistake. I forgot to label some of my canisters. Specifically the large canister where I store flour. You […]

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