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Reusable cups save some bucks

One [simple] green thing that some places are doing that spreads their brand name and saves consumers money is offering incentives for reusable cups. Zoe's Kitchen is a case in point. They offer branded reusable/travel cups for purchase (= distributing brand material that communicates their value in green initiatives), and when you bring it back […]

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Nothing but the best for my hummus!

This weekend I had to figure out what to bring to a family dinner. As I rummage through the fridge, I found a new tub of hummus. Perfect! (I already had some pita bread. Bonus!) Most of the time I would take it in the container that it comes in…because it's just family, and they […]

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My incognito bag stash (a.k.a my footrest!)

As you might have seen, I have another stash at my desk – that post here. This bag stash is a little more incognito. When I moved to a new cube, I realized that I was using a step stool for my footrest that actually belonged to someone else who was letting me borrow it […]

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Win a set a 4 Rubbermaid Produce Saver food storage containers

This morning as I was eating my cereal, granola with blueberries and blackberries, I was thinking about this blog and wondering what my next post would be. Actually I know what it should be but I haven't had time to organize under my stairs yet 馃檪 Just the other day I added a second 2-cup […]

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Attack of the Animals – Why do they chew on plastic?

It seems that no matter the time of year, Rubbermaid Consumer Services receives a number of phone calls regarding animals chewing our refuse containers, sheds, or other outdoor storage items.  While this is not a manufacturing issue, it is an irritating one to those who fight the battle.   Animals are not attracted to the […]

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