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Roughneck Shed = Happy Family

Greg and Rachel are dear friends who got a Roughneck shed last winter. Below is what Greg has to say about their new shed. Here is the pic of the shed in their backyard. GREG WROTE… “As new homeowners, my wife and I didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into.  We had to combine two […]

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When Disaster Strikes

Every time I turn on the news recently, it seems that another weather catastrophe is occurring. Between tornadoes and flooding, it has made me take a look at all my "things" in my apartment and think about what is really important in life. I cannot image what people are going through throughout the US trying […]

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My incognito bag stash (a.k.a my footrest!)

As you might have seen, I have another stash at my desk – that post here. This bag stash is a little more incognito. When I moved to a new cube, I realized that I was using a step stool for my footrest that actually belonged to someone else who was letting me borrow it […]

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2010 blog 001

Office Organization

Sticking with my organizational list to-do list….January was time to tackle the office. Our filing cabinet had become so full that we couldn't even slide the file folders. Putting things away had become a hassle and taking things out was even worse. We had way too much stuff in way too many folders. And so, […]

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Halloween 035

Ode to the Roughneck Tote

I'd like to raise a toast to the good old 68L (18 Gallon) Roughneck Storage Tote. This little tank is the strongest storage box on the market and has served me well in the many posts I deploy it. Yes I work for the company but before you write me off as a shameless self-promoter….let me […]

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You don’t have to shovel sunshine!

Well, I was hoping that the Ohio weather would hold off until Christmas, give a slight dusting, and then melt away to nothing.  A girl can dream, right? With going to class at night, I have found that I really need to make sure I have a Winter Survival Kit in my car.  There have […]

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Organizing for Pets

Being new to the concept of owning a puppy, I knew that one of the first things I needed to accomplish was to ‘puppy-proof’ my life.  Aside from the obvious, picking up of shoes and closing every door, there were a lot of things that I needed to get together before bringing her home. One […]

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Real life moving tips

Moving and packing tips using Rubbermaid storage totes

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Rubbermaid Trash Can

How I use my New 32 Gallon Roughneck

Rubbermaid’s Ryan Smith talks about how he uses the new 32 gallon trash can.

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