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Rubbermaid Pan Organizer

What is the best way to store items in the kitchen for easy access?

When you’re figuring out where to store things in your kitchen, think about flow. You want to make it easy to prepare food and to clean up without unnecessary steps. For example, store your dishes near your dishwasher to make it easy to empty it. Store your food storage containers near where you would fill […]

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Quick, Scary (not really) Cookie Swap

Our office has a tendency to go a little nuts over Halloween. In the past, the different departments spent days and weeks having a decorating competition that ended with people bringing their kids in to trick and treat at the office. To be honest, our competitive spirit got a little out of hand with this. […]

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Need to store my bikes in the garage

U.S. Department of Energy reports that 25% of people with two-car garages fill it with too much stuff that they can’t park a car inside Getting bicycles organized can be a daunting experience. When I was a kid, as far as I know, there weren’t any fancy gadgets for getting bicycles off the floor and out of the way. Today […]

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Mary’s Room Organization Makeover

Being organized gives you time and space to do things you love and help people who are less fortunate. This was the premise behind the Give the of Organization contest we held this year. We ask YOU to nominate people or organizations who give back to the community. In return, Rubbermaid would give them some […]

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Design for Small Closet

Question: I have an older home. The  closets are old. Ceiling to floor is 95 inches high. Width wall to wall it is 59 inches long. What do you suggest? Answer: When designing a closet, it is best to find out some facts about the user such as: Are you male or female? Are you tall […]

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Make it easy to put stuff away

If you’re a naturally messy person like me, creating organization for items you use every day can be tricky. I enjoy the visual peace created by putting everything away, but when I know I’m just going to get it out again soon, that can feel like wasted effort. Over the years, I’ve developed some ways […]

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Wrapping Up the Details

This is a guest post written by Professional Organizer Lea Schneider from Pensacola FL and owner of Adding pretty little details to my gifts is fun for me. Tying an ornament into the bow or nesting the gift in bright cellophane tucked into a clear treat bag makes an ordinary package special. These little […]

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Gretchen Fatouros, Professional Organizer, Thoughts on Bento

Please welcome professional organizer Gretchen Fatouros of From Clutter to WOW! to our blog. She was one of the professional organizers who shared how she would use Bento and its Flexible Dividiers to organize during the NAPO conference. Gretchen is always full of energy as her video shows so watch it below for some great […]

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Krista Colvin, Professional Organizer, Thoughts on Bento

I am so excited to have professional organizer Krista Colvin back on our blog. She hosted on of our first Twitter Chats and so much great advice came out of her @kristacolvin Twitter handle! Today she is back with the video she filmed at NAPO about how she would use Bento, its Flex Dividers and […]

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Janine Adams, professional organizer, Thoughts on Bento

In this episode of the tips and advice about how to use Rubbermaid Bento, Janine Adams from Peace of Mind Organizing shares her uses of Bento with us. Be sure to watch! Janine is great and we love to have her as a guest on our blog! Be sure to share your comments with her […]

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