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For The Photographer At Heart

For the family photographer, because every one knows that one person that manages to capture every second of the day on film, a great gift idea would be our Media Storage Box (holds up to 20 large photo envelopes).

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Decorating for the Holidays

Every first weekend in December my wonderful family and I spend the time decorating our house for Christmas. We put on some good music, light some sugar cookie scented candles and my son and daughter put on their Santa hats. Everyone is in the holiday spirit.

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My Hosting Closet

I love to entertain at my house but over the years, I’ve had a problem keeping up with all of the “stuff” that went along with entertaining.

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Getting your home ready for the New Year

Just today we posted a new Tips & Solutions article on about how to prepare your home for the New Year. So we asked Certified Professional Organizer® Scott Roewer to share some helpful ideas to build a “back to order” plan. You should check out the article. I think it will give you some […]

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Maximizing Limited Closet Space

Let’s face it; the average person’s storage space is no match for the amount of stuff they want to store. The problem is especially hard for urban dwellers like myself. Are we then all sentenced to a life of clutter?

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Laundry Room Organization

As a result, I had to maximize my laundry room to accommodate for laundry needs, as well as the items that were traditionally kept in the garage.

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Organizing my craft room

I have always been interested in crafts and projects from painting, to scrapbooking to jewelry-making.

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Organizing the Attic & Preserving Memories

Organizing my attic with Rubbermaid storage totes

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Real life moving tips

Moving and packing tips using Rubbermaid storage totes

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From Kill to Stun

Hello everyone. In case you didn’t read my last entry, I’m in the process of organizing my fiancée’s closet with the Configurations Closet system. I love her to death but she’s chronically messy and causes me endless organizational grief. I’ve dedicated my next few entries to tactics that have helped me get her Closet organized. […]

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