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Easy Holiday Cookie Swap Recipes

The holidays are coming!!! We have now hit full-out holiday planning time. This holiday season I want to accomplish few things: Spend quality time with friends and family Eat yummy food Do all of this as cost-efficiently as possible One of my ultimate favorite holiday traditions was to make tons and tons of candies (turtles, […]

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Quick, Scary (not really) Cookie Swap

Our office has a tendency to go a little nuts over Halloween. In the past, the different departments spent days and weeks having a decorating competition that ended with people bringing their kids in to trick and treat at the office. To be honest, our competitive spirit got a little out of hand with this. […]

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Baking with TakeAlongs

This is a guest post written by Katie who is an Assistant Brand Manager on our food storage team. In celebration of our TakeAlongs Sweepstakes, I decided to bring a little holiday cheer to the office and bring in some baked goodies.  I wanted to use some recipes that I found on  We partnered […]

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Leftovers for all, and to all a good night!

I love Thanksgiving, but I don't manage the leftovers well. I always end up throwing food away. I had wasting food – i.e. money! (Side note: remember to always be safe when handling leftovers.) I read this tip today (from the fab Buttoned Up ladies): Ask your guests to bring 3-4 plastic containers to take leftovers […]

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Love Your Leftovers

This is a guest post written by Jonathan Bloom who writes the blog Wasted Food and is the author of the book American Wasteland: How America Throws Away Nearly Half of Its Food (and what we can do about it). He lives in Durham, NC with his family and their many, many containers for leftovers. I […]

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Salad - counter

The Bottom Shelf Salad Bar

I have learned, the hard way, that veggies never last as long as I would like them to.  I also found that if I don't have them ready-to-eat they go untouched.  Actually, they go untouched until I clean my fridge and I end up having to throw away my hard-earned dollar disguised as limp, lifeless celery. As a […]

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Your Table Gourmet Runs on Rubbermaid

THIS GUEST POST WAS WRITTEN BY Andrea at Your Table Gourmet I admit it. I am a food storage snob. Had you told me a year ago I would have this attitude, I wouldn't have even believed you. Before you judge me too harshly, though, please consider that I put food storage containers through a […]

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Keeping your Office Supplies Organized

OK, maybe the title is a little misleading. This isn't about keeping all your office supplies organized. Just a helpful tip on keeping small miscellaneous items such as binder clips and file folder labels organized.   When I moved into my work space at Rubbermaid I inherited a fair amount of binder clips and file […]

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TakeAlong Fun Lunch-1 copy

Calling All Bloggers to TakeAlong a Fun Lunch

Sorry all our samples were used for this project 🙁 Hey all you fabulous bloggers out there, Jim, Lauren and I have got some great news…we're looking for bloggers to write about how to We are going to be sending samples of our new and improved TakeAlong food storage containers and new Blue Ice Fun Shapes. […]

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5 Lessons Learned From a Tailgate

Usually I’m the kind of person that will just show up to your tailgate, eat your tasty food, and commend you on the lovely set-up. Recently I actually helped a friend plan and set-up a massive tailgate. Here’s what I learned:

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