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My Messy Baby – Tip 1

Last month my wife and I welcomed our first child into our lives. Along with all of our happiness, joy, and excitement, quickly came confusion. While we had the nursery set, crib in place and drawers packed to the brim with diapers, we had no idea how to take care of a newborn. Since parenthood […]

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Spring Cleaning with Slide & Stack

We have an item in our kitchen product portfolio called Slide & Stack.  Every time we switch our color offering, they do a giveaway of the outdated colors in our office.  Over the years, I have collected a ton of these, and I was joking with our product manager, Alissa, that I had one in every room […]

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Halloween Ideas from Rubbermaid

Halloween Ideas from Rubbermaid

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Summer Sports Activities & Kids Camp – Tip No. 79 through 84

To continue with our 1,001 Solutions for Better Living series, below are a few more summer oriented tips that you should be able to find helpful.

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Camping? Time for Rain – Tip No. 73 through 78 of 1001

Tip No. 73 – ActionPack containers help keep equipment clean and dry on long trips; they’re also great for everyday use. Tip No. 74 – Save old towels in a tote, both the tote and the towels come in handy when camping. Tip No. 75 – Pack clothes in plastic bags to keep them free […]

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Tip No. 64 through 72 of 1001 – Camping / Vacations / Sports & Activities

Camping & Vacation Tips from Rubbermaid

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Tip No. 51 through 63 of 1001 – Camping / Vacations / Sports & Activities

Great tips & tricks for an improved summer camping or vacation trip

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Tip No. 33 through 50 of 1001 – Smart Travel

Tip No. 33 – In the Winter, travel with at least one bag of sand and a small shovel in the trunk; store sand in an 8-gallon Action Packer container to prevent spills. Tip No. 34 – Keep a small de-icing spray in purse or briefcase to loosen frozen locks. Tip No. 35 – Tools […]

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What’s your favorite organization tip?

As some of you have seen I’ve been posting tips from an old Rubbermaid brochure called 1,001 Solutions for Better Living.  I hope you’re finding these helpful.  What would be even better is to hear your tips and solutions. Just use the comment link below to submit some of your favorite tips.  I look forward […]

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Tip No. 1 through 9 of 1001 – The Attic

Tip No. 1 – Divide the attic into sections; store specific things in certain areas (sports equipment in one area), or divide by seasons (summer things in one corner, winter in another). Tip No. 2 – Color code supplies, holiday organizer boxes, storage totes and clear totes with colored lids make it easy to separate […]

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