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Holiday decorations

Organize your holiday decorations as you put them away

Decorating your house for the holidays is a lot of work, but for most people, it’s a fun task, whose reward it the enjoyment of a decorated home. But who among us enjoys taking them down and putting them away? You can turn taking down your decorations into a rewarding activity by making it an […]

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When Disaster Strikes

Every time I turn on the news recently, it seems that another weather catastrophe is occurring. Between tornadoes and flooding, it has made me take a look at all my "things" in my apartment and think about what is really important in life. I cannot image what people are going through throughout the US trying […]

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Need a boost?

I recently moved to a new desk/cube at work. It was a great opportunity to go through all of my things/files/samples/drawers and purge what I could and organize the rest. In my new space I ended up with this "slot" of space between my filing drawer and my computer tower. I hated to see the […]

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From Shelf to Storage: Magazine Archives

I have subscribe to a handful of design magazines. They offer inspiration, ideas and information, and I like to hold on to them for reference. [My design archive, if you will.] I've kept them organized by title (and that's about it). They were taking up the two bottom shelves of my bookcase.    Because I […]

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2010 blog 001

Office Organization

Sticking with my organizational list to-do list….January was time to tackle the office. Our filing cabinet had become so full that we couldn't even slide the file folders. Putting things away had become a hassle and taking things out was even worse. We had way too much stuff in way too many folders. And so, […]

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Moving Advice

I HATE moving. And I have had to do it a lot lately with almost no end in sight. Plus, it is not just me moving in and out of apartments, but my parents moving to different states. Needless to say I am amazed that I am able to find any of my things any […]

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How Rubbermaid Organizes Around the Office

Jim had done a post awhile back on how the graphic design guys in our office use FastTrack to organize their desk spaces.   I thought it might be neat to share a few other photos from our office and how we use both our own products and other great products to keep our spaces […]

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Moving Day: Cardboard Boxes vs. Rubbermaid Totes

Recently, Monica Brady (aka @mommybrain), moved from California to North Carolina. Prior to the move Rubbermaid provided her with some Rubbermaid Roughneck totes to help in her move. Below is a video documenting her "Cardboard vs. Rubbermaid Totes Challenge". To read the full story please visit her blog at:

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Samaritan House Makeover – Step 1

You may remember an older post of mine about helping out with Samaritan House's basement where I sometimes volunteer.   Samaritan house is a homeless shelter that allows guests to recover from hospital stays.   The home was donated but is a bit older so storage space is definitely at a minimum throughout the house so the basement tends to get the […]

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Decorating for the Holidays

Every first weekend in December my wonderful family and I spend the time decorating our house for Christmas. We put on some good music, light some sugar cookie scented candles and my son and daughter put on their Santa hats. Everyone is in the holiday spirit.

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