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Alternative uses for Food Storage containers

One of the things I keep in my totes (since I don’t have a garage) are nuts, bolts, screws and nails sorted and stored inside of Rubbermaid Premier food storage containers.

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Organizing my craft room

I have always been interested in crafts and projects from painting, to scrapbooking to jewelry-making.

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Organizing the Attic & Preserving Memories

Organizing my attic with Rubbermaid storage totes

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Real life moving tips

Moving and packing tips using Rubbermaid storage totes

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Linen Closet Disaster – The Makeover

As you may have read from my previous post, my hallway linen closet had some major issues. I had blankets and sheets falling bursting from behind the door. The problem has been solved. Thanks to everyone who gave their input.

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Tip No. 64 through 72 of 1001 – Camping / Vacations / Sports & Activities

Camping & Vacation Tips from Rubbermaid

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From Kill to Stun

Hello everyone. In case you didn’t read my last entry, I’m in the process of organizing my fiancée’s closet with the Configurations Closet system. I love her to death but she’s chronically messy and causes me endless organizational grief. I’ve dedicated my next few entries to tactics that have helped me get her Closet organized. […]

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Sleeping bag storage

Are you a camper, backpacker or outdoors type person? If so, you probably own one or more sleeping bags.

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