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Meet Krista Colvin – Professional Organizer

Krista Colvin

Krista Colvin can’t live without three things: lipstick, a morning cup o’ joe and her fabulous girlfriends. She’s the Lifestyle Expert for Portland’s morning show, AM Northwest, and the creator of Organize the Whole Shebang (the smart woman’s guide to doing it all). As a Professional Organizer and Blogger, she inspires women to get it and keep it together amongst all things S.H.E. (self, home, endeavors).

She’s written for the likes of Real, and worked with as their Social Media Coordinator. She’s been recognized as one of the organizing industries Top Blogs and Time Management Experts. She serves as a Spokesperson for Rubbermaid as a member of their “Professional Organizer Squad”.

Most importantly Krista Colvin believes in “People over Perfection” and “Taking a moment to be in the moment”… which comes in handy as a mom of two active kidlets.