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Rubbermaid Adventures in Organization Blog

Two to Tango: Organizing your Significant Other

Hello everyone. This is my first entry as a Rubbermaid blogger and I’m excited to share some organizational wisdom that I’ve accrued and hopefully solicit some advice in areas where I still need help. If you’ve read my bio you’ll see that my organization weakness is my fiancée. This is not only a clever one-liner…it […]

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Solving the missing lid problem

At Rubbermaid we offer some really great options and have had the sealing thing well covered for years no matter which container you have.

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The goods on Organic food

Sharon finds a product like Rubbermaid’s Produce Saver to be invaluable, since you can keep the fruit and vegetables fresher longer—an asset for produce that isn’t brimming with preservatives.

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Sleeping bag storage

Are you a camper, backpacker or outdoors type person? If so, you probably own one or more sleeping bags.

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Tip No. 33 through 50 of 1001 – Smart Travel

Tip No. 33 – In the Winter, travel with at least one bag of sand and a small shovel in the trunk; store sand in an 8-gallon Action Packer container to prevent spills. Tip No. 34 – Keep a small de-icing spray in purse or briefcase to loosen frozen locks. Tip No. 35 – Tools […]

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Sealed containers organize more than your kitchen

These see-through canisters stack very well, so a kitchen pantry is another good candidate for an organizational overhaul. I think I might try it with my cereal this weekend!

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Share Your Closet Organization Ideas!

We are looking for real organizers, like you, to tell us first hand how to tackle a closet.

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Small closet organization tips

Do you have a small bedroom/closet? How are you making your small space work for you? Rubbermaid actually makes a kit that will fit 3 ft closets! It’s the Configurations Classic Closet Kit in 3-6 ft. I was able to use the double hang feature (giving me double the hanging capacity) and utilize the the space above the rod for extra shelving.

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Sunday morning espresso

For me, a typical Sunday morning starts off with a wonderful espresso.  I’d love to say that I grind the beans fresh each time but that’s not the case anymore.  I typically grind a cup or two of beans at a time. This will last a few weeks before I have to pull out the […]

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Where, oh where, is the kitchen?

Okay, so I told you that we’ve recently moved into a new house, right? Well, the unpacking is going…a little slower than I thought it would. (This is my first time unpacking with kids. It’s a whole new world!) All the toys seem to have made it out of the boxes, but we still can’t […]

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