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Rubbermaid Adventures in Organization Blog

What’s your favorite organization tip?

As some of you have seen I’ve been posting tips from an old Rubbermaid brochure called 1,001 Solutions for Better Living.  I hope you’re finding these helpful.  What would be even better is to hear your tips and solutions. Just use the comment link below to submit some of your favorite tips.  I look forward […]

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Tip No. 24 through 32 of 1001 – Travel Tips with Kids

Tip No. 24 – Carry damp washclothes in a sealed Takealongs food storage container for quick wipes. Tip No. 25 – Investing in portable audio players or game systems for kids can help keep things quiet on long trips. Store audio and gaming gear in a small portable totes. Tip No. 26 – Fill Litterless […]

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Tip No. 10 through 16 of 1001 – The Basement

As promised, below are a few additional tips from the Rubbermaid 1001 Solutions for Better Living brochure. Tip No. 10 – Large plastic toys and furniture are a smart choice for basement play areas as they are easy to keep clean. Tip No. 11 – If you keep canned goods in the basement, invest in […]

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A saving grace at snacktime

Okay, I thought two children were hard to handle. Imagine 65! When I dropped my kids off at daycare yesterday, I hung around a little longer than usual. It was total chaos. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a wonderful, warm place. My guilt at having to work rather than hang out with them every […]

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Super-mom to the rescue

Hello. I’m Sean, an online editor for Rubbermaid and the father of a little boy and a littler girl. I’m going to be blogging over the next few months about how real people are using Rubbermaid products at home and at work to get themselves organized.

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Tip No. 1 through 9 of 1001 – The Attic

Tip No. 1 – Divide the attic into sections; store specific things in certain areas (sports equipment in one area), or divide by seasons (summer things in one corner, winter in another). Tip No. 2 – Color code supplies, holiday organizer boxes, storage totes and clear totes with colored lids make it easy to separate […]

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1001 Organizational Tips from Rubbermaid

As you probably know, Rubbermaid has been designing and manufacturing storage and organization products and solutions for decades.  During this time we’ve published numerous tips & solutions that aid in the organizational process.  A few weeks ago a co-worker was going through some archives.  She found a great brochure titled "1,001 Solutions for Better Living" […]

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Messy Kids Closets – Gone Forever (at least I hope)

I’ve been working at Rubbermaid for a few years now and I’ve worked on many web projects surrounding our Configurations / Homefree closet products. I knew it was a nice product and that there were lots of nice features but I never got around to installing a closet kit.

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Rubbermaid Closet Designer Software

Need help designing your closet? Look no further. Rubbermaid has just launched the Rubbermaid Closet Designer to aid with choosing just the right closet configuration.

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Coming Soon

Within the next few weeks you’ll start seeing the Rubbermaid Blog take form. It’s exciting times here at Rubbermaid.

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